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These are the best PD books that are tried and true!

Every educator needs to read this inspirational book by Hope and Wade King. It is full of personal stories and wisdom to help you experience a creative breakthrough in your classroom. In this book, they describe changes an educator can make to create a classroom environment where students want to be. They challenge educators to raise the engagement level along with the rigor in their classroom to help students become successful. If you are stuck in a worksheet rut or just looking for some extra motivation this book is perfect!

Dave Burgess not only gives you an inspiring overview of how and why to be a strong presenter but gives you specific ideas to get you started. He inspires you with his narrative, but also empowers you to become an even better teacher. He provides the framework for you to dramatically improve your lesson planning without becoming a slave to your plan book. I recommend this book to all educators that are interesting on going beyond their comfort level and want to accept the challenge of providing a different experience for their students.

George Couros is an inspiration to educators all over the world. He understands what it means to be leader in a positive school environment. Innovation is a way of life, building relationships, child focused, and culture importance. This is a great resource for any educator, principal or superintendent to build a positive culture. Every school leader and teacher needs to be empowered to become educators with an innovator's mindset.

The authors, Jim Fay and Charles Fay, are as practical as can be in this book. I recommend this book for anyone who is struggling with more traditional behavior management systems and looking for an alternative way to work with difficult kids. It goes into details: gives specific script and reasoning for various typical teacher/student situations. I also appreciated the common sense statements like, "You can't make people angry and sell them something at the same time." which are boldfaced throughout the book to drive home important points.

If you work with a wide range of students, the whole-group instruction does not provide the differentiation that kids need to improve their reading. The Daily Five is the answer to better and simpler lesson planning, and the structure enables differentiation to occur more easily. It also has behavior management built into the structure, and it encourages kids to take responsibility for their own learning. 

This companion book to the Daily 5 is a must have for elementary teachers. The CAFE book tells you how to weave the 5 components of reading into your daily instruction. This book is easy to read and is filled with a lot of details on how to teach comprehension, accuracy (phonics and phonemic awareness), fluency and vocabulary. If you teach K-6, you have to read this book.

This is a really useful book to every teacher who wants to avoid problems and set a comfortable and respectful environment for learning in their classroom. It comprises of a powerful set of "rules" which engender respectful behavior and enable people to thrive in school and in life.

Summer time for me is always the best time to catch up on reading professional evelopment books. However, if I can get an audiobook version, I'm able to listen on the go. I highly recommend using audible! Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

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These books below were recommended to me by my fellow teachers at TpT. I'm happy to pass them unto you.

In this book, Zaretta Hammond Hammond offers a way to be culturally sensitive and ways to engage students' cultures to help dependent learners become more complex thinkers.

This book by H. Richard Milner IV, takes the standard idea of an achievement gap and replaces it with the much more helpful concept of an opportunity gap which teachers can work to combat. It's full of classroom-specific suggestions which cover a variety of disciplines and situations. The helpful summaries, tables of recommendation and reflection questions designed for teachers, make it easy to transfer the theory to one's own classroom in practice. The broad approach of the different case studies used means that there is something for everyone.

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