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Story and Letter Writing Prompts       Symmetry Hunt

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Free Fraction Strips Thanks to technology, we can easily create almost anything we can conceive of.  From gizmos to simple teacher-created resources, yes, teachers can make some really top-notch stuff!  If I can do it, then you can too. See the fraction strips on the left? To make them, all I needed was a printer, assorted colors of card stock paper and regular white paper, a pair of scissors, laminating machine and my Free Fraction Strips Template. Just click here to download. Suggested classroom activities are included and it's ideal for grades 2 - 3. To create, just follow these easy steps. Cut out each strip and make copies of each to be printed on separate colors of card stock( to color-code each fraction). Then laminate and cut out fraction strips or seal them with the clear adhesive paper. See other easy-to-make fraction stuff here at my Crafty Resources Page.

Free Activity Pages for Cubes

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Free Nets of 3D Shapes

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Symmetry Worksheets
Free Math Worksheet Symmetry
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Free Science Lab - Comparing Lather
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Free Grid Black line Masters
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Free CVC Word Wheel Sample
Free Word Wheel This is a free sample of my 13 CVC WHIRLY WORD WHEELS which help students to merge the beginning consonant sound to the vowel-consonant ending in these one-syllable words for beginners who can identify letter sounds but need practice to merge the sounds together to form words. The word wheel has colorful illustrations of words in the wheel and each wheel uses each of the vowels a,e,i,o and u as the middle sounds. The illustrations and colors chosen are varied to appeal to both boys and girls. Instructions for assembly are included. 

Free Math Operation Posters

Free Punctuation Mark Posters
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Christian Motivational Chart
This free motivational chart is created to encourage, motivate and instill faith in studentsThis can be downloaded here directly from Nyla's Crafty Teaching TPT Store.

This 9 page fun pack has a color mixing guide and activity plus a Galaxy Gold Hop board game with color spinner. As a bonus, it already comes with both the American spelling (color) and the British Spelling (colour) for all contents included. Great for grades 1 - 3.

Download it here directly from Nyla's Crafty Teaching TPT Store.

Free Alphabetical Order Unit Plan

 This was my very first primary item. It is hosted here at the Nyla's Crafty Teaching TPT Store.

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As a Caribbean primary school teacher, I share my unique classroom with the world through this blog. Readers step into my class through the pictures, articles and classroom samples of games and lessons used in my class. I have been teaching since 2005 at the std. 4 primary level in Trinidad and Tobago. I am particularly interested in sharing my own personal lesson plans, tests and activities. Teachers need to share ideas and support each other because in doing so, we help to educate our students and develop ourselves as teachers. Technology is ever evolving and we as teachers should get on board with it, collaborate and keep up to date with this new age that we live in. Our students belong to this technological era and we must embrace opportunities to learn from each other in this global community. I also love to express my creativity in the classroom. I am a bit of a craftster . So I'm always cutting, gluing or making something... a game, a chart, a learning center, etc. So, teachers and parents, feel free to stop by and see what's new at Nyla's Crafty Teaching!