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Bulletin Board Mirrors for Classrooms

Mirrors for bulletin boards

Bulletin board mirrors for classrooms should be made of a non-glass material like plastic. Adhesive plastic mirrors come in sheets or tiles. The sticky mirror tiles are pre-cut and easier to work with for bulletin boards. These mirrors are used for 'meet the person' bulletin boards, 'mirror mirror on the wall' bulletin boards, 'you are' bulletin boards, and "look who's" bulletin boards. They can be stuck onto your cinder block classroom walls or on your bulletin boards.

I love to find awesome classroom bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making mirror bullletin boards.

  • Use non glass mirror tiles: These self adhesive mirror sheets are actually quite clear and are the same size.

  • Use mirrors of different shapes: There are sticky mirror tiles with assorted shapes. The 'mirror mirror on the wall' bulletin board above has square and rectangle mirrors. They can also be cut into circles with a scissors.

  • Use hand mirrors: Hand mirrors are actually used a lot but unfortunately, they are glass. Please make sure they are always stuck firmly to your bulletin board. These mirrors are sold in bulk and you can choose the colors or have them assorted.

  • Change up the words to match your theme: Instead for using 'Meet the Person Who' use the word 'wizard', 'Jedi' or 'hero', depending on your classroom theme.

  • You can keep it simple with one mirror only: With this type of bulletin board, the focus is on the whole person and what they can do (a general goal). You only need one mirror for this. Start your words with 'Here's someone who...' or 'Look who is...'.

Making bulletin boards is fun, you just have to plan them out first and have the materials to create them. Use this exterior wall mounting tape (Scotch Brand) to stick your mirrors to your bulletin boards. It is the strongest double sided mounting tape out there and I've always used it. More ideas will be added soon.

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