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Classroom Storage Baskets

Classroom storage baskets are essential for any classroom. They vary by color, size, shape and style and you just have to pick the ones that will suit your needs. Teachers use them for classroom library organization, student desks for individual students, and general open-top storage of classroom resources. Some items are accessed so often that an open basket type of situation would be best for keeping these items handy. 

Below are baskets, bins, bags, and containers for classrooms in different color themes. I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. I sorted them from smallest to biggest for you.

  • Use long narrow baskets for pens, pencils, and rulers: This classroom looks amazing! Lots of tropical colors are on the walls and the bright colors of these baskets (#ad) really pop.

  • Keep student worksheets and notebooks sorted in baskets: The shape of these baskets are perfect for collecting completed worksheets or for sorting and storing student notebooks. You can also store reams of paper or cardstock in these baskets and keep them on a shelf.

  • Have baskets for turn in bins: Have labeled turn in bins for receiving completed assignments and homework. These bins are large enough to hold stacks of letter sized sheets.

  • Use Sterilite baskets for library books: This teacher used both medium black Sterilite baskets (#ad) for her classroom library and collapsible storage cubes. I love how ribbon was threaded through the baskets. You can get ribbons to match your color theme and stick to neutral-colored baskets.

  • Use book bins: Bright book bins (#ad) keep classroom library books sorted, neat, and upright.

  • Use hanging storage: You can hang wall-hanging storage bags in your classroom to store tools. These bags are reversible with patterns on the other side.

  • Use sturdy baskets for chapter books. These chapter books fit perfectly in the white and gray Sterilite stacking baskets. Depending on how thick the books are, you can store about 8-18 chapter books.

  • Keep standardized testing materials in sealed bins: I found a school that uses these 4 gallon storage bins for all of its standardized testing materials. The teachers add their own labels on the front and add cover sheets under the clear lids.


  • Use very large containers for oversized books: Big books need really much larger book bins. These plastic storage baskets are sturdy and roomy for the larger library books.

  • Use extra large containers with lids for files: The largest size container that you might need would be for storing file folders. These are great for storing files that you really don't use to keep them out of your way for a long term period. File folders fit nicely into these large lightweight stackable containers. They are available in black, white, or clear.

  • Use large baskets for storing clipboards and mini whiteboards: Large linen baskets (Sterilite) can be used in the classroom. If you have dozens of clipboards for displaying student work or for students to use for classwork, you can store them in a linen basket when they are not in use.

As we are talking about classroom storage baskets, you may also be interested in similar storage solutions. See the best ways to store classroom clipboards in this blog post

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