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The Best Clear Storage Containers for Classrooms

As your color theme for your classroom may change from year to year, there are some things that you can keep and use year after year. That would be clear storage containers for your classroom! You would not have to worry about clashing with your classroom color theme. They also make everything much easier to find because they are transparent. Clear office supplies would also complement this theme and it is a very trendy look now because it helps to give the classroom a minimalist feel (even though it does not mean you have less things in your classroom) but it does make the space feel lighter and less crowded.

What I love the most about using large clear storage bins and containers is that they can be lined with decorative sheets to match any classroom theme. I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on my top Amazon finds for The Best Clear Storage Containers for Classrooms.

Clear Bins and Trays for Classroom Storage:


  • Keep your pens clearly seen and sorted: This clear pen organizer is great for teachers. Every teacher I know has a major collection of pens. You can sort them into the five clear compartments. As you can see, it looks very decorative, both on its own and with added embellishments.

This is a pen sorter drawer. A teacher's dream...

  • Clear mini storage drawers: These small drawers are ultra clear and so cute! Perfect for the teacher's desk to store tiny items.

  • Clear book bins: This are designed to fit into your cube furniture but that is optional. I love the handle cut-outs at the sides. I don't know why it looks so cubical in the picture because it's really of a rectagular shape.

  • Clear File Folder Holders: If you just have certain files that you use daily, keep them visible and within reach in a clear file holder box. You can change the look by using different folder themes on the inside. This is perfect for teachers wanting simplicity and the ability to customize the look. They can also fit in an Ikea Kallax shelf.

  • Clear pen dispensers: If pen collections give you joy, you will love having this on your desk. These are actually stackable racks for water bottles but they suit the purpose of storing classroom pens, pencils, and markers, beautifully.

  • Use a clear cosmetic organizer on your desk: The empty organizer above is really for make-up brushes, but it is perfect for pens, pencils, and markers. It is deep enough to prevent items from falling out with its three compartments. The bigger organizer in the second picture above, is used to hold art supplies. I love that it has rounded corners.
This clear pen holder can rotate on its base.

  • Clear open top trays for inside your desk drawer: These clear trays are long for holding pens, pencils, and markers.

Clear Plastic Containers with Lids for Classroom Storage:

  • Large Sterilte clip boxes: The ones in the picture were given cute labels. These are ideal for assortments of papers and other printables which belong to indiviual unit plans or lessons. They are perfect for keeping together different items of varying sizes in one neat compartment.

  • Modular latching boxes: These are bigger than they appear in the picture. They are the right size for these Crayola paints and mini play-dohs.

  • Sterilite Flip-Top Clear Containers: These are stackable. The lids do not come off and therefore cannot get misplaced. They just flip open. They are created specifically for classroom use.

More ideas will be added soon.

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