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How to Make Student Work Display Bulletin Boards

If you need ideas for making student work display bulletin boards, you'll find them here. There are different types of displays you can make to show off your students' work. Use clipboards on your wall in a grid, clothespins to hang work, or clip the papers on cardstock bright cardstock in a grid. These bulletin board ideas are easy to create and they look so beautiful!

I love to find awesome classroon decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commision for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making classroom bulletin board displays.

Clipboards on a Classroom Wall
This is such a popular and easy way too display your students' work. The clips on the clipboard make it so easy to change out work. You can use colorful clipboards to match your classroom theme or dress up some plain ones.

Colorful clipboards for displaying student work

This teacher dressed up her clipboards with bows.

You can stick themed cut-outs on your wooden-clip push pins to match your classroom theme.

Clothespins on a Line Bulletin Boards
Another way of displaying work is to use clothespins. Either with a classroom clothesline or just by directly pinning the clothespin to a paper background and then clipping in the work page in the pin. See the two examples below.

confetti themed bulletin board for hanging up students' work (clothes line method).

The 'Look at Our Growth' bulletin board on the left in the picture above, has space set aside for student work to be hung from clothespins on a line.

Curtain clips with hooks can be used as clothespins for hanging up students' art work. This display idea doubles as a way to air dry their painted artwork.

Clothespins on Cardstock Bulletin Boards
 The colorful one easy to make, each page is clipped to a color backgroud sheet. The black and white one used polka dot letters and this wood grain table cover as a backdrop.

Use Dry Erase Pockets for Work Display Bulletin Board
Make a student work display bulletin board with a dry erase pocket for each student.

File Folders with Fasteners on a Wall for Holding Work
Cut colorful file folders in half and trim off some of the top and sides if you don't want the tabs and curved corners showing. At the end of the year, all of your students' papers will be there, on the brads, ready to be sent home as a portfolio! An alternative is to push through fasteners beneath cardstock sheets.

Use a Number System for Displaying Student Work
Each bulletin board clothespin can have a student number assigned to it. The little round number cutouts (like the interactive calendar ones) are commonly used. They come in different color themes that can match your classroom decor. These number circles are for a farmhouse theme.

Use Tack Pins with Hooks
If you have a large cork board on your classroom wall, use tack pins with hooks which can hold firnly to the wall. Clothes pins can be hung from each hook to hold students' work.

Make Cardstock Clipboards for 'Coming Soon' Placeholders
You don't have to wait until students have completed their work to prepare the bulletin boards for dislaying them. Make bulletin board placeholders for work that is coming soon. If you don't have the clipboards, you can make your own, using colorful sheets of cardstock and mountable clipboard clips. The cardstock sheets should be bigger than letter sized ones so that their bright colors can be seen around all sides of the students' work when they are added. You can laminate these cardstock sheets before adding the clipboard clips for durability. I put together some helpful laminating tips in this blog post.

How do you display your students' work?

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