Friday, 19 July 2019

Bee Themed Classroom Decor Ideas for Teachers

When you step into a bee themed classroom, you are immersed into a colony of busy little hard working, team oriented, bees. These are what bees are known for and they are ideal traits for students to emulate. How can you create a bee themed classroom?

First of all, every bee themed classroom must have:
  • lots of pretty flowers.
  • a yellow and black color pallete (I love that yellow is a very happy color).
  • elements with a honeycomb pattern.
  • classroom rewards in a honey jar - because bees love honey!
  • motivating messages that encourage discipline, hard work and team work.
  • bee themed classroom decor printables
  • a queen bee - that's you!

From the classroom walls to the floors, here are bee themed classroom decor ideas. Ready-made bulletin board sets will save you time in creating your bee themed classroom. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The large tissue bees (#ad) in the picture above add a three dimensional look to this library bulletin board.

I love this classical yellow and black bee themed welcome bulletin board (#ad) for back to school.

Cuteness overload! A bee themed classroom bulletin board. You can you this slogan to fit your class, for example: We're Buzzing in Third Grade! The 'tree-mendous' tree cut-out (#ad) is from School Girl Style.

Make a bee themed bulletin board like this blue one with these bee cut outs (#ad) and this border (#ad). This other bulletin board is simple and these bee cut-outs were used (#ad).

This classroom door boasts 'The Library is the Best Place to Bee' and the reading bulletin board has the words 'We'd rather BEE Reading'. They are both bordered with a yellow and black bee scalloped border trim (#ad). The bulletin board's paper background is called Summer Horizon (#ad).

Yellow floral touches go well with a bee theme. This 'Let's Bee Prepared' bee themed calendar bulletin board has a black swirly border, tissue paper sunflowers (#ad), and bee cut-outs (#ad).

Bee erasers (#ad) make cute rewards and Bee classroom door sign (#ad)

Bee decorations (#ad) for walls and bulletin boards

Hexagonal carpet tiles (#ad) make honeycomb for a bee themed classroom floor.  Black and yellow foam tiles (#ad) can be used to make a large bee themed classroom mat.

See my collection of bee themed printables here:

I made these free bee hall passes, you can ownload it here from my bee themed classroom decor collection.

More bee themed finds from Amazon:

Bee themed teacher Notebooks:
I created these bee themed teacher notebooks in stripes and in yellow and black polka dots. They are available at Amazon.

I also made a blog post all about making a yellow themed classroom. Please check out the additional ideas that will complement your bee themed classroom.

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