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Owl Themed Classroom Decor

Owl Themed Classroom Decor

What is the typical mood of an owl themed classroom? To me, it's one of quiet study, reading, attentiveness, and wise decisions. Owls make for a great classroom decor choice not only because they are cute but because owls and teachers have a lot in common. In students' eyes, owls are wise and smart, and they always play the teacher in cartoons right? Owls on kid-shows are always reading a book or they may be the wise keeper of knowlege. Cute owl cut-outs usually have big watchful eyes that seem to see everything (even when the teacher's back is turned). There's also the option of having those adorable 'Who...' and 'Hoot hoot hooray' bulletin boards. 

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commision for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making an owl themed classroom.

You can definitely get owl themed printables from Teachers pay Teachers. Owl themed name plates, labels, lanyards and more. Borders and trims aren't really printable so I would recommend getting those on Amazon. 

This is a bulletin board set with woodland animals with added owl cut outs for students' names.

Owl ready for Pre-K bulletin board with a tree (#ad) and owls

Get the scalloped owl border here (#ad) and the owl pennants here (#ad).

The small owl cut-outs (#ad), the table border (#ad) and the welcome owls (#ad) above are found on Amazon.

Get all of these at a discount in a bundle! Owl theme classroom decor bundle



Free downloadable printables related to owls will be added below as I make them.

free owl themed lanyard name tags
I made these free printable owl themed lanyard name tags and they were made to fit these lanyards (#ad).
I couldn't resist adding a pic of this cute owl ribbon lanyard (#ad)!

Owl themed name tags for back to school
Free Owl themed name tags created for that first week or two of school. Just download and print. They are sized to fit into these lanyard horizontal pouches (#ad). 

More ideas from Amazon:

Large googly eyes (#ad) are great for 'LOOK WHOO and LOOK what' bulletin boards

Owl themed classroom cut-outs (#ad) for making bulletin boards. 


Meet Owlberta! This owl pen holder is a lovely accent for a teacher's desk.

More owl themed freebies for back to school will be added to this post very soon. You can save your owl themed resources to reuse them again if you plan to do a woodland theme in the future. Find woodland themed classroom decor ideas in this blog post.

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