Friday, 11 July 2014

Free Posters - Positive Classroom Rules

Free Posters - Positive Classroom Rules

I'm getting ready for back-to-school. I might be switching grades from first grade to fourth grade. It is always good to change your grade level. I always learn new things with each batch of kids. I would also have to dig back into my fourth grade resources and do some back to school shopping. Yay!

Anyway, enough about that. I have a treat for you. I made these free classroom posters with illustrated classroom rules (it would work for first grade, second grade, third grade and even fourth grade because they're already in my new classroom).


I took out my washi tape collection so that I could border up my bulletin board area.  I love the way that the washi-tape separates my board into sections.  The tape comes off easily if I need to change things up again.  The poster above stands on it's own with all of the rules shown.  The other posters in the set can be placed separately around the classroom or you can group them into a larger poster that gets even cuter with the washi tape and foam stickers.  The thing that is important to note with these posters is that I deliberately took out the phrase 'Do not' because it generally sounds negative and limiting.  I don't want my students to feel stifled by that negative tone.  These rules have a more encouraging tone but it encourages only what is acceptable and expected of students.  Does this sound like a good idea?  I got the idea from a fellow teacher and I must say...

Gosh! Why don't we all do that?    I love the idea. You can download your free copy here at my TpT Store. I hope you like them.

Free Posters - Positive Classroom Rules

If you need editable versions in different classroom themes, you can see them here. Because they are editable, they are available for purchase... and are so worth it!
Editable classroom rules in different themes


Rose said...

This is so perfect. Precisely what I wanted to update my rules with. Thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Please, could I have these rules in black and white format?

Teacher Nyla said...

Hi, thanks for asking. I can't edit the free version but I do have a black and white border version but the kids are in color. They can be printed in grayscale though.

Unknown said...

They are super cute!!!! Thanks!!!!

Unknown said...

They are lovely, pls I'd like to have a copy. Thanks

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