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Use these Illustrated Prefix Cards to keep your students engaged in fun activities that reinforce the definition of each prefix and examples of words that take on the meaning of the prefix when it is added to them. They feature over two dozen common prefixes: mis, de, a, ab, abs, fore, tri, pre, re, dis, in, dif, semi, micro, ex, un, *im, sub, inter, pro, *im, tele, bi, super, under.

Over two dozen of the most common suffixes are used in these cards, they are: ous, ory, ling, el, fy, ant, able, ible, ness, ence, ive, eer, ier, ess, ment, er, less, et, or, ism, ship, hood, ful and ly. Use these cards in your reading and vocabulary centers. They can also be used as sight word cards – each card has definition with a matching picture and other examples.


Use these Prefix + Root word + Suffix cards in many ways. It contains thirty sets of Big Words which are really root words with their matching prefixes and suffixes. These are words like: disagreement, unacceptable, indefinitely, maladjusted, unemployment, disrespectful, etc. Includes game instructions and tips for classroom use.
These cards have twenty-four pairs of collective nouns and their matching plural nouns, some of them are: a swarm of bees, a flock of birds, an army of ants, a herd of cattle, a gaggle of geese, a herd of elephants, a pack of wolves, a troop of monkeys, a tribe of lions, a litter of cubs, etc. The cute illustrations on each card are there to help visual learners to remember and make connections.

These cards have twenty-four pairs of collective nouns and their matching plural nouns, some of them are: a choir of singers, a crew of sailors, a caravan of gypsies, a troop of scouts, a party of friends, an army of soldiers, a band of musicians, a class of students, a staff of teachers, a mob of rioters, etc. Encourages reading aloud to help auditory learners.

Use these Collective Noun Domino Cards to keep your students engaged in a fun game that encourages reading and matching. It is ideal for re-teaching and reinforcement of collective nouns that can be tangible objects or abstract nouns (things). These cards have thirty-two pairs of collective nouns and their matching plural nouns, e.g. a bouquet of flowers, a fleet of ships…

These are four zipped PDF files which contain activities, games and tutorials about 2D and 3D Shapes. The games included are a 3D Shape Memory Card Game, a matching activity for Polygon prefixes and 3D Shape Dominoes! This is a $12.00 value, save $3.00 with this Bundle. Gr. 3-6.
Fractions Bundle
Do you love fraction card games for your students? In this bundle of fraction card games you will find fraction strips for beginners, fraction dominoes for intermediates and fraction war cards for advanced learners. Recommended for grades 3-6.
Everything you need to teach about 3D shapes is found in this illustrated tutorial booklet, from definitions and real world examples to a nets folding activity. Shapes featured are cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cones, pyramids and triangular prisms.

These cards have fifty pairs (including a few triplets) of homophones, some of them are: aloud/allowed, eight/ate, flower/flour, cellar/seller, doe/dough, bored/board, scene/seen, peace/piece, etc. The illustrations are there to help visual learners to remember. Encourage students to read the homophone pairs when they match them out loud especially the auditory learners.
This has activities for teaching Place Value. It contains Introductory Cards - For introducing unit representation, numbers from 1 to 9,999. Place value worksheets and games - The game is set up in such a way that the weaker students would get more practice. It also has a question and answer review as well as worksheets.
This is a fraction card game that really helps students to use equivalent fractions and compare fractions to get the larger value. The players draw their cards, read the fractions aloud and face off for 'Fraction War'. If two players draw equivalent fractions they draw again to find a fraction of greater value in order to win. For 3rd - 6th Graders 

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