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How to Store Classroom Center Games and Printables

Classroom Center Storage Ideas

It is important to have an organized system for storing classroom center games and printables. Teachers need a neat storage option that is accessible to students and clearly labelled. Classroom center games can be stored in plastic mesh bags, containers, storage carts, and pocket charts. Different examples that are easy to implement are listed below.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for storing classroom centers.

  • A rolling cart: A drawer storage cart is the best option for organizing your classroom centers. Label each drawer and you'll have enough space for centers of different sizes.

  • Store classroom centers in mesh zipper bags: For center games that have multi-sized cards, I would recommend using these zipper bags. There are seven different sizes that you can choose from in the Amazon listing, and you can also choose assorted colors or black and white. After organizing your centers in these mesh bags, they can be stacked neatly in a basket or you can hang them from hooks.

  • Small storage container boxes: These color coordinated boxes all housed in one case. In the picture above, the teacher uses them for center games for her kindergarten students. The small boxes are easy for them to open and the storage case has slots built in to keep the boxes organized. You can number each box with sticker labels. They are great for storing flash cards too.

  • Pocket charts for centers: Use a table top pocket chart to display flashcards. Decks of cards and classroom center games can be stored in a pocket chart with deep pockets.

  • Stack them in a clear container: Stack your card games in a clear container. Cut out the original box label and stick in on the inside of the clear box to label it. Fold the 'How to Play' directions/rules and slide it on the side of the cards.

  • Store centers in a bulletin board: Stick some plastic envelopes with snap closure like these, or Velcro closures to your bulletin board. Label each envelope with the center activity that will be stored in it.

  • Keep centers in covered bins: I found a school that uses these 4 gallon storage bins for all of its standardized testing materials. The teachers add their own labels on the front and add cover sheets under the clear lids. They can work for classroom centers too.

If it's one thing that most of these options have in common, it is that they have some degree of transparency. That is something I always need for classroom organization. If you also prefer to be able to clearly see what is being stored through your storage containers, see many different types of clear storage options in this blog post. The containers you will see can definitely be used to store your center games.

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