Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Whiteboard Classroom Tips for Teachers

Whiteboards are one of the most important tools that a teacher needs in the classroom. The best quality whiteboards are scratch resistant and magnetic. They are mainly used for displaying written or drawn work but can also be used for storing classroom tools and for being a clean backdrop for use with a projector. I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas for teachers. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more

Classroom whiteboards come in all different sizes and types for different purposes. There are the standing easel white boards, wall mounted white boards, and small lapboards for students. The ideas below are tips for making the most out of your classroom whiteboard.

  • A magnetic whiteboard easily becomes an interactive bulletin board: Use magnetic pouches and pocket charts to hold tiny cards and pieces for your bulletin board area like this morning meeting bulletin board in the picture above. The teacher uses the pouches for her class schedule, alphabet, numbers, calendar pieces, student names, and pictures for individual lessons and units. Strong magnetic hooks can hold up heavy pocket charts.

  • Make a DIY marker caddy for your whiteboard: This is for if you do not have a magnetic whiteboard. Get a deep container with compartments and add two Velcro strips behind it to attach in to your whiteboard area. You can use a glue gun to attach the back of the Vecro strip to the container and to attach the other Velcro Strip to the whiteboard.

  • Your whiteboard should be magnetic: This allows you to hang all kinds of things on it like papers and charts using magnetic pins. A magnetic whiteboard can also become a storage area for whiteboard erasers and markers.

  • Use a magnetic curtain rod to hang anchor charts on your whiteboard: A white magnetic curtain rod will blend right into your whiteboard and it would not distract from the main focal point which would be the anchor charts that hang from it.

  • Decorate with magnetic bulletin board boarder trims

  • Use magnetic pins: Hang up your visuals on your whiteboard using magnetic pins. They are tiny, but very strong, and they do not distract from the charts and cards because of their small size.

  • Use magnetic dry erasers: They can stay right on the whiteboard so that they never get misplaced and they are always within reach.

  • Use magnetic bulletin board border trims: They are narrow enough to add visible decoration and not take up too much space on whiteboards. They make it easy to have different sections on your whiteboard.

  • Use tapes to separate your whiteboard into sections: For example, this teacher uses black tape from Scotch to divide her whiteboard into sections for subjects.

  • Turn your whiteboard into an anchor chart bulletin board: The best thing about this is that you can easily hang your anchor chart pads using strong magnetic hooks that can stick to your whiteboard even though it's through a layer of bulletin board paper.

  • Hang items with magnetic hooks: Magnetic hooks for whiteboards can be the tiny metal type or the big colorful ones. The colorful hooks are more suited for hanging light items like hall passes. The stronger metal hooks can be used to hang pocket charts and headphones.

More ideas will be added soon.

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