Saturday, 29 May 2021

Greek and Latin Root Worksheets for Google Classroom

These are Greek and Latin Root Worksheets for Google Classroom. Each Greek root and Latin root has a picture and word example for students to type in the meaning of the root shown. They can also change the example words that are given. There are 34 Greek roots and 38 Latin roots. 

The list of Greek roots used are auto, bio, chron, dyna, gram, hetero, homo, hydr, logy, meter/metro, micro, mono, morph, nym, phil, phobia, phon, photo/phos, pseudo, psycho, scope, techno, tele, therm, mis/miso, geo, cycl, anthropo, dys, aster/astro, crypto, dem, derm, and hypo.

The Latin Roots in this set are ambi, aqua, aud, bene, cent, circum, contra, dict, duc/duct, fac, form, fort, fract, ject, jud, mal, mater, mit, mort, multi, pater, port, rupt, scrib/scribe, sec/sect, sent, spect, struct, vid/vis, voc, fin/finit, mob/mov/mot, ang, pop, min, omni, terr, and loc.

This is a great review tool that can easily be electronically sent to students for them to work through.

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