Friday, 28 February 2020

Leap Year Joke Bookmarks

Leap Year Printable Bookmarks

For this leap year and many more to come, spread awareness in a fun way with these Leap Year Joke Bookmarks. Just print and fold them, then laminate for durabilty. Your students will enjoy the jokes and you can give them out as rewards or add them to your leap day activities. The jokes I used are samples from my Leap Year Joke Book at Amazon and the bookmarks are available here at my TpT store.
Leap Year Printable Bookmarks for Leap Day

Hoppy Leap Day!

Friday, 14 February 2020

Leap Year Jokes for Kids

2020 is a leap year! Did you know that February 29th is Leap Day? What do people do on Leap Day? It's supposed to be a lucky day and since it is an extra day in the year, people either try to relax or to get stuff done. In the classroom, frogs are like mascots for things leap day themed. Kangaroos and other leaping animals are used too. I created this little book of leap year jokes for kids. Enjoy these jokes as part of your Leap Day celebrations.

You'll find three types of jokes in it; silly jokes about leap day, leap year knock-knock jokes, and tongue twisters.

Other books in this series are available at Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited, then the ebook is free on your Kindle app and your kids can read it right away.

See more of this book on Amazon to see the inside and some joke samples. See the Kindle Version here.

You can follow me on my Amazon author's page so that you don't miss any of the upcoming books. The complete collection of joke books are listed in this blog post.

Laughs and Giggles Joke Books for Kids

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Valentine's Day Synonym Printables

Valentine's Day Synonym list

Who would've thought that there were so many synonym pairs that students can add to their vocabulary for Valentine's Day work. Some of these synonym word pairs are either nouns, adjectives or verbs. So far, the Valentine's Day Synonym List and the Valentine's Day Synonym Memory Game are ready. They are available at my TpT collection.

alentine's Day Synonym flash cards

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

How to Make a Heart Keychain for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, your students can make heart shaped keychains that they can design themselves. They will enjoy this activity and there are many benefits in using beading. 

Why Use Beading?
  • It can help young children develop hand-eye coordination skills and learn color names and basic counting.
  • It is also used for hand therapy and re-developing fine motor skills. 
  • It is a learning tool. Kids use math skills for sorting, patterning, symmetry, and counting. 
You'll need colorful fuse beads, pegboards, ironing paper, and an iron. Little heart shaped pegboards are the easiest to use. 

These are the steps:
  1. First, place a line of beads along the outline of the heart on the pegboard.
  2. Use beads of another color to make a pattern or make letters inside the heart.
  3. Use another color to fill in the empty spaces around the pattern.
  4. Place the ironing paper on top of the beads (to be done by you). 
  5. Gently iron it down until the beads fuse together.
  6. Add a keychain at the top.

Here's a beading kit I found on Amazon that has everything you'll need for beading.
It can also be used for math, when teaching about symmetry and patterns. The square pegboards can also be used as geoboards.

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