Thursday, 11 July 2019

DIY Classroom Floor Ideas for Making Geometric Patterns

I love foam tiles! So much so, that I think every class should have some. Generally, they are soft, easy to clean, and easily interchangeable. People with asthma, like me, are sensitive to the dust that gets into carpets. Foam mats do not trigger my allergies. If you like to change up you classroom often, then making your own patterns with these interlocking tiles might be the best idea for you.

Use color co-ordinated interlocking foam tiles to show different center areas in the classroom. These are large, 2' x 2' for each tile. See them here at Amazon.

Triangular foam tiles give the most possibilities for patterns. Popular classroom themes are based around geometric shapes. Herringbone, chevron, straight lines, triangle patterns, and square patterns are some of what you can design yourself.  Check out the options in the picture below. It was created by the creators of these white and gray triangular-piece foam tiles.
The best thing about the triangular tiles is that you can easily change the patterns into a new design.

Make a chess board floor or checkered pattern using black and white, or any two contrasting colors. 

Make a diagonal, vertical or horizontal rainbow line pattern with square foam tiles

Herringbone pattern using triangles        Hexangonal interlocking foam tiles

Make an irregular block pattern using squares like this. This one reminds me of Tetris and tangrams. I think it could work for an 80's classroom theme.

By the way, did you know that they are not only just great for floors but they can be used as concrete manipulatives for area and perimeter, multiplication, and number sense? 

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