Friday, 22 March 2019

Confetti Classroom Decor and More

Confetti classroom decor is so cute! I like the festive vibe and the contrast of the popping colors on the black backgrounds or white backgrounds. If you want to focus on the theme of  'Sparkle and Shine' in terms of students letting their uniqueness and talents shine, then this is a great classroom decor line to choose.

How to make confetti? Use hole punchers. They come in different shapes and sizes.

This confetti on this classroom door was made using a large square hole puncher (like in the picture below) on bright sheets of cardstock.
I would recommend that you use Astrobrights colored cardstock.

This beautiful door design was created with a ready-made kit that had the letters and the confetti. 

If your school year has to start with distance learning, you can mail these postcards to your new students.

Confetti printables for back to school:



See more confetti themed printables here at my TpT collection.

Everything below is found on Amazon.

Confetti Welcome Pennants on a bulletin board with flowers and the same pennants at the back of another classroom.


Confetti throw pillow                                     Confetti table cloth for the teacher's desk





Colorful confetti filing pocket chart with clear label inserts.

I love that this bulletin board uses a black background to match seamlessly with the confetti trim.

Confetti Border Trim with Confetti Classroom Bulletin Board Accents

Have positive sayings everywhere to encourage kids to think positive. These large ones on the glass door have confetti designs. 

This confetti classroom door also has positive sayings on it. The larger circles have the students' names written on them and the smaller circles have the positive sayings.

Confetti classroom calendar bulletin board with these month cards

 Confetti themed classroom door
This confetti themed welcome poster can go on the front of your teacher desk or over your classroom door.

I love this 'Throw Kindness Around like Confetti' wall decal for a classroom wall. In the picture, it is used with peel and stick multicolor dots.

I have saved the best for last. Teacher Created Resources has just released these beautiful confetti storage containers, all matching with rainbow confetti dots on a white background. As most confetti classrooms use this pattern, these have been created to match other confetti classroom posters and accents from the Teacher Created Resources line. Each item is listed separately on Amazon. You can see more of each here: confetti book bins, confetti containers, and confetti buckets.

A confetti classroom can be as colorful as the rainbow. If you want to merge themes, rainbow themed classroom elements can fit in well in your confetti themed classroom. See ideas for using rainbow colors in a classroom set up in this blog post. You'll thank me when you see the curtains!

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