Wednesday, 30 May 2018

End of Year Riddle Bookmarks for Kids - Clean and Funny!

End of Year Joke Bookmarks for Kids

Before your students leave for Summer, add these end of year riddle bookmarks to their goodie bags. It will add some laughter and they can use them when reading books over the Summer. I hand selected the best jokes I could find that were clean jokes and positive (not putting down anyone in a derogatory manner). Some had me chuckling too 😄. Tassels can be added to make them even cuter!

It is available here at my TpT collection.

Cuboid Lesson Plan

Have lesson plans that are already scripted for you with worksheets for your students. This is a Rectangular Prism Lesson Plan

For teacher in a hurry, you can have lesson plans that are already scripted for you with worksheets for your students. This no-prep cuboid lesson plan is so easy to follow and it has everything you will need in order to execute a thorough introductory lesson about rectangular prisms/cuboids. It follows the 5E lesson plan template and has a worksheet at the end. It is suitable for grades 3-5 because of the previous knowledge listed in the lesson and the new terms that will be introduced. It is created as a manual for teachers (especially new teachers) to follow with very clear steps. It is available here at my TpT collection.

Rectangular Prism or Cuboid scripted Lesson Plan

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Greek and Latin Root Games

Greek Root Small Group Activites and Games

Games and activities make learning fun! So if you are teaching about Greek and Latin Roots, your class will love playing 'I Have... Who Has...?' and you will love that they are learning in the process. For the Greek root version, examples are referenced in this game which is a great tool for memorizing the meaning of these roots.  Each of the Greek roots has a picture next to it for visual learners to connect the roots to real life and to make sense of new and unfamiliar roots.

Greek Root - Matching Game   Greek Root- I Have Who Has - Game

They are auto, bio, chron, dyna, gram, graph, hetero, homo, hydr, hypo, logy, meter/metr, micro, mis/miso, mono, morph, nym, phil, phobia, phon, photo/phos, pseudo, psycho, scope, techno, tele, and therm.

Latin Roots Card Game

The Latin Root version has 29 roots: ambi, aqua, aud, bene, cent, circum, contra, counter, dict, duc/duct, fac, form, fort, fract, ject, jud, mal, mater, mit, mort, multi, pater, port, rupt, scrib/scribe, sec/sect, sent, spec, struct, and vid/vis.

Latin Roots I have who has Game

Latin Roots - Illustrated Word Wall

Latin Roots study cards

Latin roots galore! Your students already use Lreek roots in everyday words but they may not realise the origins of these words. This Latin Root word wall has popular Latin roots with example words and meanings on each card. This helps students to get a handle on the origins of the words and your diverse learners will benefit from the pictures on the cards. You can use it as headers for doing ‘Latin root of the day’ focus walls or use it as a stand alone word wall. Students can refer to it during independent reading. The Latin roots in this set are: ambi, aqua, aud, bene, cent, circum, contra, counter, dict, duc/duct, fac, form, fort, fract, ject, jud, mal, mater, mit, mort, multi, pater, port, rupt, scrib/scribe, sec/sect, sent, spec, struct, vid/vis, voc, fin/finit, mob/mov/mot, ang, pop, loc, min, omni, and terr. Use it all year on your reference wall. You can get it here at my TpT collection of resources for teachers. 

Use Latin Roots for 'word of the day' focus walls   Latin Roots - Illustrated Word Wall

Monday, 14 May 2018

Teaching about the Solar System

Solar System word list cards

If you are teaching about the solar system, fill you classroom with the new solar system space words that your students will be learning about.  The chart above shows half of the cards. The complete set has 19 cards with the names of the eight planets and other common celestial bodies.  See it here.

Above are links to my kids' favourite videos on youtube. I highly recommend these videos.

Click here to see more of these solar system flash cards.

I like to create mobiles of the solar system, but this is a miniature version in a ball. It's here on Amazon. I like it because it has the planets suspended for you to see them from any angle and the pieces cannot get lost. Everything is fixed in place. I wish is was bigger like the size of a basketball but still, it's a good idea.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Free Transportation Flashcards

Transportation Flash Cards free download

To celebrate teachers this week, enjoy these free transportation flashcards. They show the names of  vehicles for land, sea, and air. The modes of transport in this set are balloon, bicycle, bus, car, helicopter, minivan, motorbike, plane, rocket, scooter, sailboat,  ship, truck, and train. Each card has a matching picture on it and there are 14 cards in this set. Download it here from my TpT collection.

You may also be interested in these transportation books from Amazon.





Friday, 4 May 2018

Thank you Cards for Teachers Appreciation Week or End of School Year!

Thank you Cards for Teachers appreciation week

This is a complete D.I.Y craft that makes a wonderful gift for a teacher. These cards can be used for Teacher Appreciation Week or to say ‘Thank you’ at the end of the school year. It comes in pink and yellow for the female teachers and blue and purple for male teachers.

Thank you Cards for Teachers
Each card says 'Thank you for...' (written above the pocket)

Thank you Cards for Teachers
Each card has a special pocket on the inside that has sweet little messages on smaller cards just for the lucky teacher. These little cards come in a variety of colors and shapes to match their message. These massages are all of the things that you are thankful for. 
Here are some examples below:

Thank you for 'sparking my ideas' - written on a bulb
Thank you for 'teaching me to reach for the stars' - written on a star
Thank you for 'steering me in the right direction' - written on a steering wheel
Thank you for 'sparking my ideas' - written on a bulb

You can see each one much clearer in the pictures below.
I can suggest these on the left for the female teachers and these on the right for the males but you can mix and match them!

All of the messages are expressions of thanks for all of the many different things that teachers do!
It is available at my TpT store as an 18-page digital download complete a tutorial and all of the cards and shapes you'll need to make one.


Here's a really cool thing I discovered, all of the card inserts can make a really spectacular Teacher Appreciation Week gift idea that is so easy to make (even easier than the card!). All you'll need are thin craft ticks or skewers, clear tape, a marker, a disposable cup or small plastic flower pot, small erasers or paper clips and my card inserts. First, think of the inserts as little signs or posters, then tape them onto the craft sticks. Arrange them into the disposable cup which has already been filled with erasers or pepr clips (these will hold the craft sticks in place). Use a marker to write 'Thank you for...' on the cup.
 These are pictures of what I used... make this!
Teachers appreciation gift ideas
Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

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