Sunday, 26 February 2017

St. Patrick's Day Prefix and Suffix Matching Activity

Prefix and Suffix St. Patrick's Day Matching to Root Word Activity

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day...  This activity is for matching up the gold coins into the correct pots of gold that are labelled with a prefix or suffix. Each coins carries a root word label to guide the matching. After the activity, a bulletin board can be made like the one in the picture above. Extra props are included in the file.

This set contains:
8 prefix pot labels and 8 suffix pot labels.
6 coins for you to print then cut out (each in color and black and white).
32 root word cards for prefixes to print and cut out then stick each word onto a different coin.
32 root word cards for suffixes to print and cut out then stick each word onto a different coin.
Bulletin board display props.
The prefixes featured for each bowl are un, dis, in, im, re, pre, ir, and mis. The suffixes are able, ible, ful, less, ly, ment, ness, and en.

You can see it here at TpT to view more.

I just want you to know that I put together a reading list of books that are all about St. Patrick's Day. It’s in this blog post here.

Free Classroom Motivational Posters

This post is a compilation of motivational classroom posters. TpT has many for free! Many are based on quotes by inspiring people the past or present. Others are simply catchy phrases of wisdom that can be applied not only to the classroom, but to everyday life for anyone of any age.  Here are a few below by some fabulous teacher-authors. Just click on the thumbnail pictures.


Monday, 20 February 2017

Free Pi Day Activity - Proving Circumference

Pi Day Activities

Happy Pi Day! I made this free set for you to try out as a Pi Day activity. You students will be comparing the length of a circle’s diameter to its circumference (which will lead to the discovery of Pi and the circumference formula). It might sound complex but this activity makes it easier to these concepts because it allows for a concrete understanding if diameter, Pi and circumference. It is created for two different sizes of circles; for the 7cm diameter circle and for the 14cm diameter circle. All dimensions are in cm (metric) units. It also contains posters which show the many different ways of representing Pi. It's a free download that you can access right here from my Teachers pay Teachers collection.

Proving Circumference


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Spring Compound Words

Spring compound words

I'm in the Spring zone these days. Even though my climate only has the dry season and the rainy season, I'm so happy to be finally seeing a lot of butterflies in our garden at the start of the dry season! There numbers were low for some years now and I was really bugged by this because the frequent fogging of mosquitoes has diminished the butterfly count on the island (sad face).

Above, is a picture of my Spring themed compound word dominoes game. This game involves matching up two word-parts to form a compound word. The cards are to be matched end to end by picture to picture for younger students or by word to picture for ready readers. You can read more about it here at TpT.  More pictures are below.

compound words matching activity spring theme   Spring themed compound word dominoes game

More Spring stuff is on the way and I'll soon be adding (updated) here are pictures of my Spring themed compound words puzzle below.

Each puzzle card has the compound word at the top with a picture and the two cut-apart words below with matching pictures. This set has 24 Spring compound words (closed compound words) and they can also be used as flashcards.

Spring Themed Compound Words

Spring Compound Words activity       Compound Word classroom activity for Spring theme

Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentine's Themed Compound Word Puzzles

Valentine's Themed Compound Words

This is a Valentine’s Day themed Compound Word puzzle. The cards are perfect for group work and each puzzle card has the compound word and picture at the top and the two cut-apart words with matching pictures below. This set has 24 closed compound words and they can also be used as flashcards. You can get them here (on sale right now!) from TpT.

Valentine's Themed Compound Word Puzzles Valentine's Day Compound Word activity 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

That's some TpT love right there!

Hi all! I'm a new mom again to a precious baby girl so I'm really taking it easy these days.  I hope all is well with you wherever you are, with your home, your health, and your teaching. Always remember to take care of you (while you take care of everybody else) as much as you can, in little ways or big changes. It's good to treat yourself to a little R&R from time to time.

Anyway, here's a treat...we're sharing the love at TpT for Valentine's with a site-wide sale today and tomorrow. Yay!!! I am packing up my cart with clip art and lovely fonts and borders to make more printables. I'm sure you have your own particular needs for your class that could use a little TpT love so for you, my entire collection is on sale at 20% off and with the promo code LOVETpT, you'll get an additional 10% off. That's some TpT love right there!

Let's see, what I have for the season... I'll just leave a few clickable links below if you may be interested. 

Site-wide sales are the best time to get bundles for even more savings. 


This is my number one bundle here (highly recommended)...

Enjoy the sale and as always... Happy Teaching!

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