Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why I Love Construction Paper Projects!

Hole-Punchers for Crafts

I discovered construction paper during my first year of teaching and I will never stop using it. We refer to it as scrap book paper or craft paper because at my school, that's what we use it for - art, craft, cutting, folding, gluing, etc. It's not only the students using it, I use it too! Why? Let me list the reasons:

Construction Paper project Parts-of-a-flower-poster
1. The many different colors (even black)! I use them to make classroom posters that need to project different layers. Each color would represent a different part of the concept and bring a lot of color to by display area. See the different parts of a flower being represented in the poster above?

Construction Paper book projects 

Construction Paper book projects 

Construction Paper class procjects

2. You can get it in loose pages or already bonded in booklet form. I love the ones that are already bonded because I let my students use these to make their own books as an end of year project. Click here to see an older post I did showing the books my students created about butterflies. The pictures above show the symmetry books my students made. To see more of the symmetry books they made, click here!

3. It is firmer than regular paper but is still easy for little hands to cut and it is available in different sizes to suit any purpose. The very large sizes can be folded down to a quarter of its size to create greeting cards that are quite sturdy. I still love using felt and card stock paper but construction paper is the easiest paper for students to handle, especially if cutting is involved. The picture above shows one that comes with cut-outs of objects from different themes

I'll say that when it comes to cutting, construction paper is definitely a cut above the rest! And speaking of cutting, here's a look at my cutting supplies... I love this stuff! I collect all kinds of crafting supplies and if it cuts, I have it. I also use them for scrap-booking. 

Cutting tools for Crafts     Craft hole-punchers
These are mostly craft knives and paper cutters. Always use a craft knife that has a locking blade. Mine is an 18mm cutter by Maped. The rotary cutter also has a safety feature that lets the blade retract and lock at the touch of a button. Of course, these are just for me, not my kids! The hole punchers however, are safe enough for my kids to handle but they usually need a little help with the squeezing of the handles. The purple one at the bottom took me a while to find because long arm hole punchers are rear but I use it for certain things. I know that the regular metal hole punchers are commonly used but I prefer to use the black and gray one because it is so comfortable... holding the plastic covering beats having to squeeze hard metal any day! The shape cutters come in all sorts of shapes like hearts, snowflakes, flowers and stars. The cut-outs look like confetti! Click here to see how I used them to make a phonics craft project with my new class!

Hole punch shapes
Not only is hole punching fun, but it strengthens up the grip for writing.

Making cards with shape borders using a hole puncher
Hole punching is also great for borders. Oh, the possibilities!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Back to School Interactive Calendar Bulletin Board for any Year

DIY School Calendar Bulletin Board for any Year

Start each day with a sentence building activity that answers the question: 'Which day is it today?'

The sentence strip you see above comes with a complete set of word card inserts for the days of the week, date ordinals, and months of the year. This is part of my Months of the Year Interactive Bulletin Board for any year which also contains an illustrated word wall for the months of the year and a monthly-calendar building activity for any month with insertable tabs to be changed monthly (see pictures below). You can click here to see a complete list of everything that comes in the set and get your digital copy.

Months of the year word wall Months of the year word wall cards with clipart

monthly calendar activity

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Chevron Classroom Decor and More

I noticed that chevron (the zigzag pattern) is not only popular in fashion, but also in classroom decor. They can make any classroom have that classy clean modern look. 
Especially if you have a lot of white in your classroom. I love white! White may be a chore to keep clean with all those sticky fingerprints popping up but I like that it brings light into the classroom and makes a chaotic place feel clean. The chevron, to me, adds more volume to any surface, giving it the illusion of more length, width or depth. As linings to line your library shelves, drawers and cupboards, it gives these areas a little more pop. You can also use contact paper for your DIY recycled classroom decor like magazine holders made of cardboard, bins, tissue paper roll pencil holders, etc. Look at this cute see through pail! This can be lined in strips on the inside or on the outside as seen in the picture created by Melissa Roell.

There's also chevron duct tape and chevron washi tape (you know I love washi tape). You can use these for bordering your bulletin boards, white boards, chalk boards, posters and classroom center areas. Click here to see examples I've done with my classroom posters.
I almost forgot to mention the use of fabric. Throw pillows are great for reading areas so why not incorporate a little chevron there as well? I can't sew but I wish I could! If you're like me, you would have to use ready made chevron pillows but if you are handy with a sewing machine you can make them yourself using chevron print fabric and save yourself a few dollars. 

Make a chevron classroom floor rug using foam tiles.  Use any two colors of foam tiles to make an extra large chevron pattern. This works if you have a realy large classroom. For a small classroom, triangular tiles will create a smaller chevron pattern.

Yellow chevron bulletin board paper makes this beautiful display area pop!

More chevron accents on common classroom supplies:
Chevron Library Pockets                Chevron Name Plates                          Chevron Name Tags

Chevron Calendar                                   Monthly Headers                           Chevron Weekly Planner

I hope you enjoyed reading about Chevron Classroom Decor and More and I included for you some links to some irresistibly cute chevron classroom printables for you to download free your class! (Just click on any on the links or pictures below.)

FREE Clip Chart Behavior Management System - Cute Chevrons
FREE Welcome Bunting Banner

Have a wonderful school year!

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