Thursday, 25 February 2016

Books About Words - to Increase Vocabulary

Books About Words to build Vocabulary

It is so important for students to be exposed to a wide range of words so that they can master expressing themselves both orally and through writing.  Sometimes, it is not enough for students to read often, but you really have to carefully select the right books that would introduce appropriate vocabulary in context for the reader. I've selected this group of books just for this purpose. These particular books are also helpful for teaching about poetry in terms of word choices and the emotional value of different words. Feel free to check them out or add your own choices into the comments section under this post and I'll be happy to check those out myself.






Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Leap Year Worksheets

Leap Day Worksheets

Printable Leap Day Worksheets
Leap Year Worksheets for the 29th of February are ready! These are no-prep worksheets with answer keys for your students to quickly get hopping into leap year activities which include leap day writing pages and math worksheets that are fun. On the last page are 'Hoppy' Leap Day bracelet templates. It is most ideal for Grade 3. Some of the activities are tiered so that advanced learners or even 4th Grade students can have some challenge and the not-so-advanced students can have fun while accomplishing simpler goals. This has a total of 17 pages and math worksheets have matching answer keys. I included really cute clip art of frogs from Educlips and I just love how everything turned out. It is available here at TpT

leap day activities for school leap day frog theme worksheets

Leap day writing Leap day math 
Have a 'Hoppy' Leap Day!


If you need something really entertaining for your kids to read, I think you'll like my Leap Year Joke Book for Kids. It is available on Amazon.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Recycling Activities and Posters


Recycling Activities and Posters: This download has posters and activities for sorting pictures of different trash objects into the five categories for recycling: compost, metal, glass, plastic, and paper. The posters can be used to add to your classroom recycling unit or Earth Day theme. All of the recycling posters, sorting bin labels, material poster sets, sorting mats, and picture cards for sorting bins and sorting mats come in both black and white digital printable form and color print form. The sorting mats are to be used by sticking the trash items unto the correct mat. Use it to set up a recycling area in your classroom. Your students can also use large containers as recycling bins for sorting the pictures. I added bin labels for such an activity. You can get your copy here at my TpT collection.

earth day activities   earth day activities

After implementing this in your classroom with regular rectangular storage bins, you may want to have a more permanent setup for recycling all classroom trash. I got these links below from Amazon. You may only need to stick to three bins only though because a classroom usually gets mostly plastic, paper and decomposables. 
Recycle bag baskets                                                 Stackable recycle bins

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Classroom Library Labels

Book bin labels

Classroom Library Labels are a great way to keep your classroom library organised. The set has 135 classroom library labels plus an extra set of labels that are are fully editable for you to add your own personalized Library Labels. These are illustrated library bin labels.   The cards are arranged into the following sections: Genres (15 cards), Topics (36 cards), Seasonal Themes (18 cards), Subjects (8 cards), Book Levels (5 cards), Miscellaneous (6 cards), Books by Author (47 cards), and Editable Blank Cards (6 cards) - These can also by used to make your own level A-Z and level 1-20 labels as well as anything that is unique to your class. These are pictures of the polka dot library labels.

Library Bin Labels Classroom Library book bin labels

Once they are laminated you can use them over and over again!

Library-Labels-for-classroom-book-bins Editable-Library-Labels
(These are the editable library labels above)

 classroom-library-labels-templates  Classroom-Library-Labels-printable
 This file contains rectangular labels that are 6.3cm x 12.7cm each illustrated with corresponding pictures. They print on 8.5” x 11” (letter) sized paper with 6 cards per page.

To match this set, I made these Classroom Library Book Sticker Labels. They will make it easier for your students to identify the right bins for the books upon returning them. These are 108 illustrated library book sticker labels that are to be printed on Avery 1560 address labels.
classroom library book sticker labels small avery classroom library book sticker labels Avery 
classroom library book genre labels  classroom library book labels

Here are previews of each of the book labels below:
library book sticker labels

classroom library book sticker labels

classroom library book sticker labels

Library Labels for schools

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