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Using a Reading Tree to Encourage Reading and Book Reports


Our library has started a reading tree to get the kids excited about reading the books from cover to cover. On the tree is a reward system of leaves, flowers, and fruits. The goal for the children, is to get their names on a many leaves, flowers and fruits as they can by reading. For each book that is read, the child has to fill out a form to answer a basic set of questions like: What is the title of the book? Who is the author of the book? Who are the characters in the story? What was your favorite part of the story? What did you love or hate about the story? These questions can be modified for different genres of books and for different reading levels of the students but you get the idea. I hope that this post can interest you in Using a Reading Tree to Encourage Reading and Book Reports.

The reward system is simple. For reading three books, students get to have their name printed on a leaf of the reading tree. For six books; a flower, and for ten books; a fruit. This tree is made from twisted up sheets of brown paper and hand-drawn cut-outs. Now here in Trinidad and Tobago we have Summer all year, but for those of you who have the four seasons, there are customisable tree templates that I found on Amazon that can work for you. To your large tree, you can add accents such as apples, acorns, flowers, bees, owls, snowflakes, and autumn leaves too.

Take a look at some close-up pictures:
Using a Reading Tree 

Using a Reading Tree to Encourage Reading and Book Reports
The birds are a cute addition, aren't they?

If you need some free templates of book reports for any book, check out the list below from TpT. 
Free Book Report Writing Grades 2-5
Free Book Report Form
FREE Book Report Template For Any Fictional Story
Free Owl Themed Book Report Template for Word

As we are on the topic of books and reading, you can see my 10 Classroom Library Tips for helpful and creative ways to have the best library for your class.


Unknown said...

I love this! I have a silly question...did you twist several different sheets of paper to complete the trunk?

Teacher Nyla said...

Yes Kara, they used several large sheets, bunched up each then twisted them.

Unknown said...

Another silly q: How did you attach the paper?

Teacher Nyla said...

There is this really strong double sided tape from Scotch called exterior mounting tape. It is usually gray or red.

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