Sunday, 9 March 2014

Making Real-world Connections in Geometry - Solids

Math word walls are so very important. I got some amazing images of real world examples of 3D shapes last month so I decided to incorporate it into a new math word wall for solids. So here it is. Each card shows the name of a solid, a 3D rendering on the left and a corresponding real-life picture of a solid object on the right. The shapes in this set are: cube, cuboid, sphere, cone, cylinder, triangular pyramid, square based pyramid, triangular prism, solid, 3D shape, face, edge, and vertex. A large sentence strip is also included which has the definition of a 3D shape on it. You can place just above your word wall in your classroom. I posted on TpT for you. You can check it out by clicking here to see more pictures from the file.

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