Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dr. Seuss Character Crafts for a Seuss themed Classroom

I always knew that my hoarding habits would never go to waste... I was inspired to make a Dr. Seuss character and was torn between The Cat in the Hat and the Thing 1 and 2 guys. They are all so cute! I decided to do both but I'm still working on the cat. 

For Thing 1, I used a red pencil for the body, a Styrofoam ball for the head (I speared it with the pencil then pushed the eraser end through), cotton for the hair, blue glitter, hair styling spray, white electrical tape for the neck, a marker, scissors, a red pipe cleaner, and red and white pieces of felt. I glued the cotton to the ball for the hair and sprayed it with hairspray to make the glitter that I sprinkled on it stick to the cotton. I love the blue hair. The pipe cleaner wraps around the fold of the red felt to hold it tight on the pencil and it creates the illusion of the red turtleneck sweaters that they always wear. I chose to draw the eyes closed because they're usually closed in the Dr. Seuss books and it gives it that classic silliness that makes it 'Seuss'. 

Have you got enough Seuss books?


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