Sunday, 8 September 2013

New Class - New Stuff - New Look!

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How do you like the new look? I wanted it to reflect the fact that my new students this year are much younger than what I'm used to. I've moved up to first grade. Ba-dum-pum-ching! (I wish I could insert the sound effect for you.) I am still settling into my new class, learning the names of my 34 students. I have an assistant teacher with me - thank God! A few of them call me 'Mammy' a lot. They definitely have some cute habits but... I also miss my older kids...

I haven't posted about what's happening at TpT in a while so here's a quick update for you. The site has a new look. I'm loving the round profile buttons too. Change is good.

I thought I should mention that my classroom inspires what I create, therefore the next time I become inspired to create something, it would be for the lower grades. However, this does not mean that I no longer cater to the grades 3 - 6 teachers, because I that is the grade level I prefer and I will be returning there next year (if it's God's will).

One last bit of 'new' news for you. I've been in a clip-art making mode lately and I really like doing it. So, please check out what I've created so far and let me know if you think I should add anything else to the sets. More are on their way... these are my gears.


Thank you for reading!

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