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Writer's Toolbox - For writing stories, letters, journals, research reports and poems

How to write stories, letters, journals, research reports and poems

I love this book set so I have to tell you about it. It teachers readers how to write different types of writing for instance, a fairy tale, a friendly letter, a poem, etc. 

What are in the books?
What I like about these books is that they don't just explain the steps to the reader but they use lots of examples of actual writing (excepts or complete stories) to illustrate each step and introduce different ways  ways of producing a piece of writing. So each page features a new writing tool (hence the name of the series) which is synonymous with the genre of writing being featured. I must say that each page is packed with important terms in writing such as 'brainstorming', 'topic sentence', proofreading, etc. At the end of each book are suggestions for writing topics and exercises, writing tips, and a glossary of terms.

These books are available in two forms, a condensed compilation of the six book seen in the box below  or the individual subtitles. The picture at the top of this post is the cover page of the compilation book. These are eight individual books below (the total set comprises of these eight books):

Share a Scare: Writing Your Own Scary Story
(Writer's Toolbox)

Once upon a Time:
Writing Your Own Fairy Tale

(Writer's Toolbox)

Sincerely Yours: Writing Your Own Letter
(Writer's Toolbox)
Words, Wit, and Wonder: Writing Your Own Poem (Writer's Toolbox)
Just the Facts: Writing Your Own Research Report (Writer's Toolbox)
It's All about You: Writing Your Own Journal (Writer's Toolbox)


I bought the set for my daughter because most of the books in the set are above my students' grade level. I only bought the fairy tale, journal writing, and scary story books for my students which were helpful to them. If in the future, I am moved to a higher grade level, I will be able to use the entire set with my students.

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...this motivating Stamp Set which has six self-inking messages in one convenient place, and includes messages such as "Well Done", "Terrific", "Nice Work", etc. 

Anyway, what do you do to make your teaching of the writing process more interesting for your students? I know the Writer's Toolbox has really helped me out. But what about you?  Feel free to share in the comments below.


Ms.M from Teachingisagift said...

Just what I have been looking for! I am hoping to order these for my classroom for next fall! Thanks for sharing these awesome books!

Unknown said...

These sounds awesome! I will be sure the check them out. Thanks for posting!
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