Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Free Math Board Game for Square Roots!

It's time for games this time of year! (Educational ones.) Now that the concepts have been taught, even the topics you taught back in Autumn and Fall, you can drill them over in a fun way using card games or board games.  I keep my board games organized in sheet protectors in a ring binder. To store my card games, I re-use Q-tip containers and soap dishes (you can read more about that here). As long as they are organised neatly, you students can come in their groups and rotate from station to station during class revision time or weaker students can stay in at lunch time if they need the extra drill time. 

square root games

This is a new game I created specifically to get the boys in my class to revise the square root number facts. Rather than to have them recite these facts till they are bored to death, it's always better to use a game so that they get their drill and practice but without the monotony. The boys in your class will love this because it's a big car race around the track. Players get to turbo up when they correctly answer the question cards given. I got the inspiration to make this from the new movie 'Turbo' - with the speed racing snail'. This game will also help them to remember the reciprocals of the square root facts which are the squared number relationships.

You too can make games for your students. Just think of what they need to learn and other books, movies or sports they are passionate about. Find a creative way to combine the two, try it out with them to see what works, make your modifications, and try it out again. You can read more tips about it here. It's fun and it's even better if you let your students help you with the process!

I have other math games that I made at This one seen above is my fraction domino game. It is played just like regular dominoes but you can match up the same fraction values. Click here to see it! Do you need more free top-notch math games for your students? Well, you're in luck! This post is featured in collaboration with other blog posts about using math games and you can click here to visit and grab more free math games and ideas for your class!


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