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The 'If you were a...' Book Series for Math, Grammar and Vocabulary

If you were an Adjective -book

I ordered these books online for my students (the ones for parts of speech and vocabulary) and during that process, I realized that there were also books math in the same series too... 

The insides of the books are just as colorful as the covers and they are full of real-world examples of the topic, example, nouns, verb, adjectives etc. Each book also starts off with the basic examples, then move on to the complex ones (for older students). For instance, the adjective book has types of adjectives, degrees of adjectives, and other facts about adjectives. See the picture below that I shot from the adjective book? (I hope the author doesn't mind.) They are so vivid!


These are the other books from the series. I really love them (and my students can't put 'em down!).
If you were a noun   If you were a verb
If you were a noun (with a Space theme)               If you were a verb (with a frog theme)

If you were a pronoun   If you were an adverb
If you were a pronoun (with an ocean theme)            If you were an Adverb (with an 'at the park' theme)

If you were a preposition   
If you were a preposition (with an animal theme)    If you were a conjunction (with an animal theme)

I had to buy these vocabulary ones...

If you were a synonym   If you were an antonym
If you were a Synonym                                          If you were an Antonym
If you were a prefix   If you were a suffix
If you were a Prefix (word fun)                         If you were a Suffix (word fun)

I saved the best for last! These books below will help with mathematics because each book is filled with real-word examples for meaningful learning of the operation symbols, odd and even numbers, geometry and time.
If you were a Minus Sign                                        If you were a Plus Sign

If you were a Times Sign                                      If you were a Divided-By Sign

If you were an Even Number                                       If you were an Odd Number

If you were a Minute                                                    If you were a Set

Examples of Quadrilaterals - in our everyday lives   Examples of Fractions - in our everyday lives
If you were a Quadrilateral                               If you were a Fraction

Examples of Polygons - in our everyday lives

As we are on the topic of books for your classroom library, you can see my 10 Classroom Library Tips for helpful and creative ways to have the best library for your class.


JusRanada said...

Thank you for sharing. It would have been nice if Amazon showed the inside of the books as well.

Anonymous said...

these are awesome! I found your page because I'm writing a blog post on the adjective book and only knew of the 4 early books in the word series. they are outstanding and now I'm going to have to go out and find the others. thanks!

Ms. K said...

Here is a You Tube video of the adjective book. They are beautifully illustrated. Thank you for sharing.

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