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Food Chain and Food Web Vocabulary Words - Literacy Station for Science


What is a food chain or a food web? What is a carnivore, herbivore, omnivore or scavenger? To answer question like these I made a set of food web science definition cards for my students. Each card has a picture of an organism to represent each term along with a simple, easy to understand definition. See the sample picture below. It is a total of eighteen cards available at TpT. I color coded each card so that the words match the colors of the theme in the definition. What do I mean? For example, the green cards have words like producer, herbivore, and photosynthesisThese cards encourage reading and will be a great addition to your science literacy station. Here is a list of all of the food web terms in this set: habitat, organism, producer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, consumer, scavenger, decomposer, predator, prey, food chain, food web, micro-organism, fungus, energy and photosynthesis.

science-Food-Chain-and-Food-Web-word-wallSpeaking of reading, I also have these word wall cards that have the following terms: habitat, organism, producer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, consumer, food chain, food web, scavenger, decomposer, predator, prey, energy, and photosynthesis. This illustrated word wall set is perfect for helping your students to remember the spelling and meanings of key food chain and food web terms. I used cute but realistic clip art of animals, plants, and micro-organisms. Some of the clip art used were created by Oxana at Teacher’s Clipart. Here's a preview (below) of one of the word wall cards - the food chain card. This one shows the words 'food chain' along with an actual food chain starting with a leaf that is by a caterpillar which is eaten by a bird which is eaten by a snake. Wait till you see the food web card. Yikes! You can click here (TpT) to see more sample pictures of this set.

This is a picture of the word wall cards displayed in my classroom.

This is close-up of one of the cards (digital).

Click on any of these pictures to get yours!

If you need some books that you can have as supplementary information for your students, you can check out the full range of food chain book series available at amazon. I saw these "What if..." books that will take learning to a deeper level as students discover the calamity that happens when one organism is removed from the food chain. These are some of the books below.



These are other great finds too...

Here are some other things that can be included in your food chain science station...
Food Chain Bulletin Board Set                                  Food Chain Craft Kit 
       Cut out each piece and make a food chain!                   I love this idea for younger students. 

This won the Gold Seal award for best educational toy.

I will be doing a new post soon which will teach you how to teach students to make their own food chains and food webs so look out for it. It should be really helpful. *Update 01/18/2015* Here it is... How to make food chains and food webs.

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