Thursday, 28 February 2013

Easter Clock Craft - It's Easter Time!

Easter-craft-clockIf you need an Easter craft activity, I've got eggs-actually what you need... an Easter clock making kit complete with numbered eggs for the hours on the clock-face and the hour and minute hands have cute Easter chicks on them. It can be printed out in color (Easter pastel colors) or in blackline (there a black and white version for students to color). This activity is not just decorative but is the creation of a printable classroom manipulative that can be used over and over again. Students can use it to demonstrate their knowledge of time and can use the interactive hour and minute inserts (included) which can be used interchangeably with the clocks. It is available here at my TpT store for $2.00. Happy Easter! 

You may also be interested in this lesson Plan, How to Make a Clock.

Clock making craft for kids

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Organized Classroom Magazine

I found out today about a new magazine for teachers that has been recently launched by a very familiar name - Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom Blog. I got to preview the very first edition and it is really helpful with tips for getting rid of excess paper clutter. This premiere issue will be free so... need I say more? Grab it here at Charity's Blog!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Free St. Patrick's Day Clip Art

If you're searching for free St. Patrick's Day Clip Art, you've come to the right place! I've put together a list of free downloadable rainbows, shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold and more. Just click on the images below to see more.


I just want you to know that I put together a reading list of books that are all about St. Patrick's Day. It’s in this blog post here.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Carnival Time in T & T

It's Carnival time here in Trinidad and Tobago! It's a time for us to have fun and express our creativity. On the Friday before Carnival my school hosts it's own Carnival show consisting of a Calypso and Ol' Mas competition and a another competition for the flag-waving posse of each class. The picture above shows the infant department with their Ol' Mas portrayal.

First, I should introduce you to a few Carnival terms that I'll be mentioning often. Ol' mas is a dramatization of current affairs done in a comical way (without speech, you can only use props). Most of our portrayals had political themes since we just had our local elections in January. Soca is a form of calypso that is really upbeat and makes you want to party.

This year I was really inspired by one of the soca songs hitting our local airways. It is sung by Super Blue, a veteran calypsonian, the name of the song is Fanstastic Friday. We all dressed in blue as a way of paying tribute to this musical icon and our theme for our flag-waving posse was 'Fanstastick Friday!' We purposefully added the 'k' to 'Fantastick' so that we could wave fans and sticks along with our blue flags. You get extra points for creativity.

I was all dressed in blue for Fantastic Friday!
Some of my students getting ready for the Flag Waving posse
These are the extra stuff that we made for our 'Fantastick Friday' theme.
 We placed first for the Calypso competition and third for the Ol' Mas. The standard-five class placed first for the flag-waving posse - a well deserved win. They were the only other class to dress in blue but they also incorporated other elements from from Super Blue's song like water and powder. We'll beat them next year and defend our title as Calypso champs.

For now, we are enjoying the real Carnival (outside of the classroom) and school will resume on Ash Wednesday.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns - How Much vs. How Many

When should you say 'How much...' and 'How many...'? First you have to know about countable and uncountable nouns. Countable can be counted just as they are. Uncountable nouns are tricky business to count because a unit of measurement is always required to gauge their quantity. 

For example: 2 pens, 7 cars, 12 boys, 3 islands - these are countable nouns. 
Now check this out: 2 jars of ink, 5 buckets of sand, 4 spoonfuls of sugar, 6 bowls of soup - I can't say 2 inks and 5 sugars so these nouns are uncountable because I cannot count them as they are; I need to use a suitable unit of measurement.


I made these countable and uncountable noun sorting cards, they focus on the use of 'how much' and 'how many'. We say 'How many...?' for countable nouns and 'How much...?' for uncountable nouns.

The Countable and Uncountable Noun posters below are also included. Get it here at Nyla's Crafty Teaching, TpT.


Tips and Tricks for Learning Multiplication Tables

The key to speed in mathematics lot of practice and knowing maths facts. The challenge for upper grade students is learning those multiplication facts. I found the following tips on Pinterest for you.

Just click on the images below.


I made these Multiplication flashcards for my students and use another copy as award bookmarks. They are priced at $2.00 and also include a large poster version.

Another great way to help students to memorize these facts are through music. Check out these multiplication songs on CD.


If your students love reading but hate math, use these:

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Free St. Patrick's Day Craft - Making Decorative Glasses


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this free green-themed glasses template. They can be worn at reading time or can be used as a reward for a good accomplishment in the classroom. Students who wear tested lenses can wear them on their hair.

You can download the free template here from my Teachers pay Teachers store!

Clip Art images by Nyla’s Crafty Teaching and textured fills by Sassy Designs, Inc.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Homophone Activities and Lesson Plan

 Homophones are so much fun to teach. ESL learners in particle really benefit when then they understand and can identify different homophones because the English language is so complex! I saw this joke on Pinterest that really sums it up well:

I love this book Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones by Gene Barreta. Click on the picture to see samples of pages inside the book! A friend of mine recommended 'How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear?' and let me tell you, it is hilarious!

Here are homophone activities and a lesson plan from my TpT store...


Homophone-Matching-Activities     Homophones-printable  

Friday, 1 February 2013

Super Bowl Super Sale at Teachers pay Teachers!


The very first Super Bowl Super Sale at Teachers pay Teachers was a resounding success! Thank you for taking time our of your Super Bowl fun, to come and support other teachers!

Popular pics from from my store:

My Prefix, Suffix and Root Word Bundle. The bundled file has all three of the files you see above. The pictures above are clickable. The first two are illustrated card sets for prefixes and suffixes, great for visual learners. The blue one is all about adding up word cards to make complete words which include the prefix + root word + suffix, e.g. un+approach+able.


Illustrated Collective Noun Matching Cards. These are available individually and as a Bundled set. In each set, students match the collective nouns to the groups to which they belong. My students fell in love with the pictures of animals, people and things and learned about the collective nouns for each group, e.g. a litter of pups, in  fun way!

Homophones - The first is a matching game that you play like dominoes and the second is a collection of illustrated homophones.

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