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Homophones Flashcards Printable

Homophone Flashcards

There are different definitions of homophones in many dictionaries. I stick to the basic rule: If the prefix 'homo' means 'same' and 'phone' comes from the word 'phoneme' which means 'sound', then the term 'homophone' means 'same sound'. This definition is simple and easy to remember.

I made these Illustrated Homophone Cards for my class. They are ideal for re-teaching and reinforcement of homophones. 

Here are a few previews:

Actual size
These are 46 cards which include fifty pairs (including a few triplets) of homophones, some of them are: aloud/allowed, bare/bear, eight/ate, flower/flour, mussel/muscle, cellar/seller, doe/dough, night/knight, rose/rows, rite/right/write, no/know, raise/rays, see/sea, you/ewe, pour/pore, bored/board, scene/seen, peace/piece, etc. The illustrations will help visual learners to remember the meaning of each word.

Each card measures 7.5 cm by 9 cm and they fit on landscape letter sized paper (six to a page). It is available for purchase here at my Teachers pay Teachers store.

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