Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Matching Activity for Synonyms!

Synonym Matching Cards

Synonym MatchingA synonym is a word which has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language. Use these Synonym Matching Cards to keep your students engaged in a fun activity that encourages reading and matching. This game is ideal for re-teaching and reinforcement of synonyms. These cards have sixty-two pairs of matching synonyms, which range from second grade words to fourth grade words so you can chose from the set, the cards that you want your students to use. Your advanced students can use the cards with larger and unfamiliar words if they have already mastered the matching of the easier words and are ready to move on to a more challenging match-up.

Some of synonym pairs in this set are: 

Synonym Matching Cardsassist/help, object/thing, begin/start, below/under, close/shut, easy/simple, equal/same, law/rule, silent/quiet, raise/lift, observe/watch, bother/annoy, buy/purchase, combine/mix, connect/join intelligent/smart, lucky/fortunate, calm/peaceful, rescue/save, unusual/strange, artificial/man-made, accomplish/achieve, inspect/examine, necessary/required, amiable/friendly, gallant/brave, annul/cancel, abandon/forsake, melancholy/sad, previous/former, etc.

The illustrations shown are there to help visual learners to make connections between the words and their shared meanings. Encourage students to read each card aloud as they match them (to help the auditory learners).
 Grab your copy here at TpT!

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