Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Many Ways of Defining the term 'Perimeter'?

The Many Ways of Defining the term 'Perimeter'?

Perimeter is a wonderful and easy topic to teach. Many teachers have slightly different definitions for the word perimeter. Most teachers would say that the perimeter is the distance around an object. I think that depending on the class level, this definition is too vague and can even be misleading.

The distance around an object or shape can be interpreted as a measure of the space just beyond the edges of the shape as seen in the picture below (which is wrong). Yikes! 

What is Perimeter

I prefer to use this definition: The perimeter of a shape is the total distance along its edges. It is a definition that is much more precise students in grades 3 and over often realize this rule for themselves through hands on activities.

What is Perimeter

I found these wonderful listing of books from Amazon that can be used to supplement the teaching of perimeter.
Teaching about Perimeter

Teaching about Perimeter with books 

And check out this cute little game!
Area and Perimeter Games

You may also be interested in my Unit Plan for Area and Perimeter of Squares and Rectangles available at TpT and Teachers Notebook. And I was wondering, are there any other definitions out there for perimeter?
Lesson plans for Area and Perimetre

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Using GH and GHT Word Wheels for Phonics

igh and ight words activities

These are GH and GHT Phonics Word Wheels. Each wheel has six to eight words that end in 'gh' or 'ght'. These word wheel are designed to help students to master these ending sounds by introducing the word families for these endings based on different digraphs and diphthongs that are commonly the middle sounds. The table below shows the words featured in these word wheels.

igh and ight word list

These inexpensive word wheels are available for purchase here at my TpT Store or at Teachers Notebook.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Voting and Elections Glossary Cards

Voting, Elections, Glossary Cards, Ballot, Democrat, Republican, Dictionary Cards,
I created these illustrated U.S.A Election Glossary Cards which explain the meanings of more than seventy of the most common U.S.A election words and terms. They can be used at any election season because the clip art used do not relate specifically to any persons who are currently in the run for office this year, yet they still effectively convey the meanings of the terms. This set includes seventy-one cards, which have the colors red, white and blue in keeping with a U.S. patriotic theme. They can be used as flash cards and also for differentiated learning centers. I selected terms that range from familiar to complex so each student can be given a specific set of cards that suits his/her own reading level. Instructions for suggested games that your students can play with these cards are included with the set. This cards are ideal for students in Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5. It is available at here at TeacherspayTeachers can you can click on the orange 'Download Preview' button to check out the free sample!

Some of the U.S.A election words and terms featured are:
Easy - Election, Ballot, Democrat, Republican, Election,  Bipartisan, Campaign, Candidate, Caucus, 
Hard - Bipartisan, Campaign, Candidate, Caucus, Electoral College and Front Runner.

Here are a couple of close-ups from the 71 cards...
Democratic Party, Illustrated Definitions of Election Terms  Republican Party, Illustrated Definitions of Election Terms

Electoral College definition Teaching about the US 2012 Elections

Monday, 8 October 2012

How to Let Your Students Run for President!

As the election season is here, this is a time for getting your students fully immersed into all things that are... presidential. So, how would you like to host your own version of the presidential campaign right in your classroom? 

Here's a very ingenious website that virtually takes your students through the steps of running for President... virtually! Each student just submits their name or an alias, an avatar, their gender, their party of choice, and choose the top three political issues that they feel most passionate about, and the site will generate a campaign video! It's a really good way to involve your students into the election procedures.

(The image above is copyrighted by The National Constitution Center and is not owned by me.)

Friday, 5 October 2012

It's World Teachers Day 2012!

In my part of the world, we're celebrating world teachers day today. What do we do to celebrate? We'll be at school teaching as usual today but we'll have fun over the weekend. We usually have a Teachers Dinner and Dance (Friday Night), a Teacher's Talent Competition (Saturday night), and on Sunday morning, we have a huge church service in honor of teachers. What do you do at your school or within your district at this special time?

Monday, 1 October 2012

Cyber Monday Sale - 28% Off!

The Cyber Monday sale has come to an end. It was a successful one and I know that many teachers found bargains!


Here are a few Cyber Monday Tips...

You’ll also love these top teachers below. These are links to many other TpT teachers and their Cyber Monday offerings. Also, along with Cyber Monday, you’ll have an extra sale day, Bonus Tuesday!

Special Thanks to the 3AM Teacher - Michelle - for putting together this list of fellow TpT teachers!

What can you create with a Laminator?

Laminators for teachers
I wanted to make a place value game for my students, one that's durable and fun. Thank's to my laminator, here's how I did it... First I created the templates on my laptop then printed them out...
Place value for second grade
I heated up my laminator and passed the prints through... (this is the best part!) Then, I sliced and diced them up with my guillotine. And... Presto! My students love their new place value center!

What are the other awesome things you can create with your laminator? Lots! Teachers everywhere use them as inexpensive way of dressing-up their classrooms. You can make personalized name tags for your students, classroom center labels, posters, award certificates, bookmarks, flash cards, signs, timetables, desk mats, dry-erase boards, etc. 

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