Saturday, 22 September 2012

Looking for Upper Elementary Classroom Ideas?

Fifth Grade Classroom Ideas
This is just a quick post to help you to find great teacher Bloggers on Pinterest within the Upper Elementary Grades! Debbie Clement from has already done ll of the hard work for you! (Thank you Debbie!)

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Comparing Attributes of 3D Shapes!


Definition of a cubeSolid shape matching activities, math teachers-pay-teachersChildren love to sort and compare. Why not have them sort solids by their attributes. Some shapes have flat faces, whereas others have curved faces. Some can roll, others cannot. Having your students sort shapes is a great way of reinforcing the properties and laws of each shape. Check out this new sorting math center for 3D shapes. It's great for grades 2, 3 and 4!  It includes eight Venn Diagram rings, each one for a different attribute.
Sorting Mat for Shapes

cubes, cuboids, prisms, spheres, cylinders, cones, pyramids, Venn Diagram
cubes, cuboids, prisms, spheres, cylinders, cones, pyramids
cylinders, 3D Shapes, labels
cubes, cuboids, prisms, spheres, cylinders, cones, pyramids
cubes, cuboids, prisms, spheres, cylinders, cones, pyramids

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

How to Store your Flash Cards

How to Store Flash Cards
Did you know that you can use old Q-tip containers to store your flash cards? I also use ones from Johnson&Johnson. They both have the same dimensions and happen to fit my cards perfectly. Ziploc bags can be used too but they can become pierced or torn. The hard plastic containers are the most durable options and you can use it to show your students that you are reusing or recycling in the process. 

You probably already have some at your disposal...
How to Store Flash Cards
Also, you can use binder rings to store and sort your flascards like the one in the picture below.

More ideas will be added soon. See free flashcards here.

List of Story Books for Boys and Girls... to keep them laughing and loving to read!

Remember those classic tales you grew up on, written and rewritten by so many by different authors? Well here's a new spin on them... The villains in the stories are now getting to tell their side of the story. Now, having read them, I too, like my students, feel empathy for these characters! It's a great way to start the teaching the author's point of view. I really like that my boys are really enjoying these books. Here are a few others... Did I mention that they are really funny?









These books below are new twists to classic tales!

What kinds of books do your students read?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Free Color Labels

Color Labeling Activity

Do you need a fun free activity for matching color words to objects?  I made these color coded labels for my five year old son. He already knows his colors but I wanted to expose him to some sight words so I thought - Why not use colors? We turn it into a matching game, I lay out different objects on the table and he uses the labels to tag each item with the name if its color. He is able to do it not because he can read the words but because each label comes in the color that it represents. I think it's a good idea to expose children to words in context, even if they can't read them as yet. 

colour matching games Color Matching game

If you would like to try them out with your students, it's available as a free download pdf file from my TeacherspayTeachers Store. Click right here to download it for twelve colors!

Happy Teaching!

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