Thursday, 30 August 2012

3 Great Free Websites for Learning

Starfall Learn to ReadWho hasn't heard of My kids at home can't get enough!!! And I am happy to have such a great free interactive web site to use... especially for my soon to be four year old son. He loves it. From the time my kids were born, I was buying books to create a personal library for them (my daughter loves to read!) My son also likes books but he gets food on them, wets them, writes on them with pens and crayons and before I can turn around I see that pages are missing and the cover is coming off. So the books do not always last but He seems to respect my laptop! So the starfall system works at my house!

I also like to use another free website called Turtle Diary. It has tons of games and videos that are multidisciplinary and it's really interactive.

My final favorite is somewhat simpler in design but very effective for practicing those multiplication tables... It's the Underwater Times Tables from What2Learn.

You may also be interested in my post about books that young boys would want to read!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Using Place Value Printables!

Using Place Value Printables

Place Value is one of the first topics I teach at the start f the school year. Not only because it lays the foundation for understanding many other topics in math but because it is a fun topic to learn and it can set the tone of fun learning in your class because your new students will enjoy their first lessons in your class. This is my place value printable set of games and activities. It has manipulatives which are color coded place value blocks for students to assemble to represent different number values ranging from ones and tens to hundreds and thousands. 

Place Value Resources
I love teaching the hands-on way!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How to Prevent Mid-term Fatigue

Teachers, how are you doing at school? As we draw closer to the half way point of the term, it is a time for us to really reflect on our teaching and assess our general well-being to make sure that we can continue to enjoy a productive school term. 

I have three rules that I have set for myself to stay healthy, (you can try them too):
  1. Get enough sleep at night,
  2. Take a daily tonic or vitamins,
  3. Be as prepared and organised as you can.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I'm having a Red, White and Black Patriotic Classroom this year!

As some of you may already know, I am from Trinidad and Tobago... (Where's that? North-east from Venezuela, at the base of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. It's two islands but one country). Well, this just so happens to be a big year for us. On August 31st, we celebrated our 50th year of Independence - Our Golden Anniversary. This inspired me to have patriotic theme in my classroom. I want everything to be red, white and black - our national colors.

I just started to decorate on Thursday and I will be posting pictures as I go along... so stay tuned!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Silent 'E' Rolls Around... to Make the Vowels Say Their Names!

cvc magic e word list for long vowel sounds

silent-e-wordscvce-word-list-long-aI made these upon the request of teachers who teach phonics and have tried my CVC word wheels. This new set are word wheels for the silent 'e' cvc words. So words like 'can' and 'kit' will be transformed into 'cane' and 'kite' when the silent 'e' rolls around. See it at TpT or Teachers Notebook. Enjoy!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

National Flags from Around the World - Royalty Free!

If you're feeling festive with Olympic fever (like me) and you are looking for some Olympic flag clip art, I found a great place to get free clip art of flags around the world. This collection is quite diverse, I mean, if my own Trinidad and Tobago National flag is there, that goes to show just how many are available. Just use the search bar to find the flag you want. You can also select the option of finding pictures of real flags or the option of realistic flag clip art. 

You can use them for any purpose, e.g. a bulletin board of Countries, to create a table of Olympic medals by country and number of medals, etc. Most teachers purchase miniature flags to promote patriotism (and this is good) but teachers can let students make their own flags using flag cut-outs, pencils (as flag poles), and glue! Here are a few samples! Just click on them to download.

This is my Trinidad and Tobago flag below...

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