Friday, 13 April 2012

Do you know about Teachers Notebook?

A venue to buy, sell and share lesson plans and activities for teachers

Free Learning Resources gift cardHere's something that I think all teachers should know about. It's a site for teachers called Teachers Notebook. As a teacher, you can use it to find resources and every time you make a purchase you get points which accumulate and can be redeemed for great stuff, like an Amazon or Learning Resources gift card. 

You can read more about the site here.  If you are really creative and you have lesson plans or learning centers of your own that you would feel would be valuable to other teachers, you can upload them to Teachers Notebook by opening your own store. You can set your items at a reasonable price or give them away for free (or both)!  I upload my own classroom resources there, it' very easy to do (once you get the hang of it). The site is loaded with the works of many great teacher-authors and it also links to their teaching blogs. You can click here to see my freebies and paid resources on Teachers Notebook. And I would be so very grateful if you could 'favorite it' by clicking on 'Add to favorite shops'.  I recommend that you sign up for their weekly newsletter, it has exciting news each week... and links to the latest freebies! And best of all, Debbie and Steve Esemplere, the creators or Teachers Notebook have just added even more fantastic stuff like a member forum and giveaway promotions, just for teachers! They also remodeled the look of the site, it is sooooo very cute! Check out the pictures below...

Where can I find free lesson plans
Out with the old...

Free Teacher Created Activities
...and in with the new! Say hello to the new look of Teachers Notebook!
Here are a few close-ups...
Free Lesson Plans

Teaching tips

Can you tell that I'm so very excited about this? I know that more teachers will find that they can save time by finding what they need online (it's the way of the future) because they'll get what they need instantly via instant download and it costs a lot less than buying a workbook from a book store!

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Debbie said...

Wow! Nyla thank you so much. We really appreciate your kind words and all the time it took you to share Teachers Notebook on your blog. As a former Kindergarten teacher myself I understand how important it is to share ideas and find resources. Thank you for being part of our Teachers Notebook family and helping teachers and children everywhere.

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