Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How to Make Your own Card Game - It's a Process...

I'm so busy at school but I can't complain because I'm always getting inspiration to make something that my students can use to help them learn. The inspiration comes from the students themselves because they know what they want, and how they like to learn.  Last month I was teaching about Prefixes and during my lunch periods, I kept working on a prototype of prefix cards. Each card had the prefix, it's definition, examples of a word or words that include the prefix with a matching picture.

Here's how I did it:
making cards
Trace and Cut
My Prototype Design (We loved it!)
After the cards were completed, my students took them over. They modified my original idea (which was to use them as flash cards) and turned the drill activity into a game. Aren't they brilliantly awesome? So then I got really inspired to recreate them on my computer because my students like it so much, I reasoned that I must be onto something that's worth my time and effort to make for another class somewhere that may like it as much as my students do! Plus, my students really flipped out for this computerized version...

Prefix game

Prefix Activities

So that's how it happens... making learning fun in my class. I have these available for purchase at TpT and at Teachers Notebook (they are websites for teachers to find tried and true resources from other teachers).  So if you are curious, feel free to check them out. As for my students, they're currently using my prototype for suffixes.


Unknown said...

CLEVER, CLEVER!! I like it!!

Coloring Pages said...

I believe the inspiration comes from the students themselves because they know what they want, and how they like to learn. That is an interesting blog. Coloring Pages

adnan amjad said...

It is a good thing, we have to learn it , great job.
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