Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Students are Authors and Illustrators!

Last week, my students handed in their term projects. They created their own stories about a butterfly's life through each stage of development. Beautiful books were surrounding me as they all clamored for me to read theirs. I was really touched to see the effort and care that went in to creating these works of art. The instructions were simple.  I wanted them to start off with a store bought construction paper book which is just colored construction paper that's already binded for you. Some replaced the generic cover with one of their own, others simply ripped of the generic cover and made the first page into the cover by just decorating it. The rules about content were strict: they had to portray they character at each stage of the life cycle and this had to be in the correct order - egg, caterpillar/larva, chrysalis/pupa, butterfly/adult. I loved them, I let them read their books to the class one at a time and while the stories were similar they were still unique in style and some even had hints of an impending sequel! lol. 

I felt very pleased at my choice of assignment for them because my students really felt like they got the experience of being an author or illustrator. And this should make them see more of their real potential.


Sarah said...

Those came out wonderfully! I love your blog! New follower :)

Unknown said...

Those turned out great! Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

This is a great idea. The books look lovely.

We are learning about life stages in my classroom too. My students are in Year 2. We will be creating our own "Eric Carle style" collages about animals at different life stages and then using iMovie to record the explanation.

I would love to be able to share with them some of your students' books. Any chance of them reading them on a Youtube?

Let me know if you do put them up in the next few weeks.

Our class blog is at A Year in Year 2 if you would like to see what we have been doing.


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