Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Using a Word Wheel for Phonics!



What is a Word Wheel? It's simply two rotating cards that allow the reader to cover and hide parts of a word and to share these word parts with other words. For example, if the card above has the beginning sound 'd', then the card below will have middle and ending sounds for simple words that start with the 'd' sound like 'og' for 'dog' and 'ip' for 'dip'. This is a fun way of using a reading drill. Word wheels can be created to focus on short vowels, long vowels, the silent/magic 'e' and blends as the beginning or ending sounds.

Word WheelI taught a remedial reading class last year, but could not find any word wheels that focussed on a specific skill. So I created these CVC Word Wheels for my little readers which focuses on the beginning sounds of the three-letter CVC words. It is okay if students just want to play with them at first, they are usually intrigued by the way the word wheels spin. It is through this 'play' that the students will understand how the wheels work and see that the letter at the top gives the starting sound for all of the word parts below and this way, learning becomes fun! Here's a free sample!
My Whirly Word Wheels are available for purchase as instant digital downloads at TPT and Teachers Notebook.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Whoah! Teaching without an Assistant...

This term I've been given the privilege of having a class all for myself. We usually have two teachers to a class but one is on maternity leave and my teaching partner has taken her place.  I'm enjoying my new class, bonding with my students and their parents. The only catch is that time is really flying!

I've never seen a school term fly by so quickly, it's almost gone. We have only two more weeks of teaching time, then we'll have a  revision week, followed by what we call the 'Christmas End of Term Test'.  I realize that every teacher really needs an assistant because even though I'm getting things done, there's always more to do. I'm correcting papers, books, and homework in the morning, during break time, lunch time and especially after school. So, I want all of the teacher aids and assistant teachers out there to know that you are so very much needed and appreciated!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Printable Christmas Cards

Printable Christmas Cards

Printable Christmas CardsI created these assorted Printable Christmas Cards (in black and white and in color) out of a need for something different. This Year, I wanted to include coupons in them. They are traditional Christmas styles for both boys and girls. Most of the color-print ones have the traditional color scheme of red, green and gold with Christmas elements like the Christmas tree, ornaments, gifts, snowman, mistletoe, etc. 
Christmas Cards Printable Christmas Cards 
 If you're having a blue Christmas theme, there is a blue one in there as well. 
Printable Christmas Cards in Color Christmas Cards to print

Remember, each color card in this set has a matching black-line version. 

The coupons are there as a way of personalizing each card by sharing a special message that can be pleasantly surprising! Suggestions are included.  Do enjoy!

Get it at:

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

3D Shape Dominoes!

3D Shape Dominoes

3D Shape card gamesAs a child, dominoes was one of my favorite games to play and teaching about 3D Shapes is so much fun. So why not have them both? I couldn't wait to make 3D Shape Dominoes for my students. Now you might wonder 'How many combinations can you get from this?' Answer: Lots! I used word names, pictures of each shape, the nets of each 3D shape and their definitions. That gave a total of  32 attributes to be matched. and they of fit on a 8 1/2" x 11" sized paper for you to print and cut up into domino cards. It's available for sale at TPT and at Teachers Notebook!

Free Winter Holiday Freebies Ebook!

The long awaited Free Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies eBook is finally here! It's a neat compilation of 50 TPT Sellers' holiday tips or activities and their free Christmas printables! Many well known names are in there like: Deanna Jump, Laura Candler of Teaching Resources and the Lesson Plan Diva (just to name a few). This totally must-have holiday ebook is the brain-child of Rachel Lynette, and thanks to her, for compiling it so beautifully and making it available for free download at Teachers pay Teachers and also as a free Google Doc. I personally want to thank Rachel for including Nyla's Crafty Teaching's Tip and Christmas Freebie to in this awesome collaborative production and I also thank all of the other TPT Teacher-Sellers who have created such lovely holiday tips and printables to share in there as well!

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