Saturday, 2 July 2011


Fraction War Card game

Fractions Tug of War Card Game

This is a fraction card card game that really helps students to use equivalent fractions and compare fractions to get the larger value. The players draw their cards, read the fractions aloud and face off for 'Fraction War'. If two players draw equivalent fractions they draw again to find a fraction of greater value in order to win. For 3rd - 6th Graders.

These game cards can also be use as a center activity wherein students match cards according to their value. So the fraction word, fraction numeral and fraction model for each value (and values equivalent to it) can be grouped. Just remove the wild cards. 

They can also be used to play the Fraction memory Card Game. Using any-two of the categories e.g. fraction numeral and fraction model only, place each card face down randomly in an array. Students discover which cards match which by turning them over. You can only turn over two cards at a time. Whenever you turnover a pair of matching cards, remove them from the group and continue until all pairs have been matched.

It is available for purchase and instant download at TPT and Teachers Notebook.


darrenj said...

Hello Nyla
Glad to see trini teachers embracing the web and technology. I am as well a product of Valsayn Teachers' College from many years ago. I now reside and teach in primary school in Sweden for the last thirteen years a so. I teach social sciences to upper grade, here it's from 13 to 15 year old students. Right now my two daughters or pulling and tugging my iPad. Nice to make contact.
Darren Maharaj

Teacher Nyla said...

Wow, Sweden huh? That's really awesome!

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