Friday, 17 October 2014

How to make a food web - free posters

How to make a food web - These are free posters I made showing the six steps I use with my students. These detailed steps are strictly for making food webs. It can be downloaded here for free from my TpT store.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Free Grid Paper Pages

Free grid paper
Printable grid paper is real must-have for your math sheet-files because you can teach so many topics with it. I made these free downloadable blackline grid templates that are drawn to scale both for inches and cm. Use them for creating symmetry worksheets, bar graphs, reflections (flips), translations (slides), rotations (turns), area and perimeter models and 100 charts. The exact sizes in this set are: .5cm x .5cm grids (for making hundreds charts and multiplication charts) 1cm x 1cm grids, 2cm x cm grids, and 1 inch x 1 inch grids. 

Here's another use I found for them: fitting in nets of cubes. This is an excerpt of my free Nets of Cubes Activity Sheets.
Cutting and folding nets for cubes

Friday, 26 September 2014

Tangled Tales - A spin on fairy tales

Free for 2 days only - Karleen Tauszik's Tangled Tales are free on Kindle from Friday 26th to Saturday 27th!  Each tale uses humor and imagination to make kids think beyond the standard fairy tale stories they already know. They’re funny, but they also contain valuable lessons on such topics as bullying, kindness, independence, and taking a stand for what’s right. Download 'em fast.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Schedule Cards for Classrooms

Schedule Cards for Classrooms

Display these daily schedule cards which show the major times of the day for most classrooms which are: Arrival, Assembly, Breakfast, Recess, Lunch, Snack, and Dismissal. It includes clocks for you to post the starting time for each item. They can be placed on walls, whiteboards, pocket charts or display boards. You can use adhesive Velcro dots to easily add and remove cards. These Velcro on Felt Bulletin Boards are one of the ways I do my classroom displays (just throwing it out there). The clocks are optional. You could write the time on clothespins and pin each clothespin to a card. Blank cards are also included for you to personalize them for your unique needs. It is available here at Nyla's Crafty Teaching, TpT.

Schedule Cards with Clocks  Schedule Cards with Clocks

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Calendar Desktop Flip Chart for Any Year

Calendar Flip Chart for Teachers

Calendar Flip Chart for TeachersSitting on my desk is my new interactive calendar flip chart. I've been planning to create one for months now and finally got around to it over the Summer. It is basically made of date cards attached to a folded base. I used fuzzy wires to loop the cards through the top of the base. I hate to brag but It's as cute as a button and people think that I bought it. I proudly say 'Nope, I made it'. I can't take all of the credit though. I bought Christina Bainbridge's Fonts for all lettering styles and I happen to be still hooked on chevron (aren't you?).  This calendar flip chart is a digital download that can be used for any year. You can get your copy here at TeacherspayTeachers for just $3.00. It comes with simple instructions for assembling it after printing. All you'll need are two rods of fuzzy wires, a stapler, and letter sized card stock paper. It was fun to put it together and I hope it's even more fun for your students to use on a daily basis as part of their calendar station.
Calendar Desktop Flip Chart for Any Year   Calendar Flip Chart for Teachers

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Germination Word Wall with Pictures

Germination is one of my favorite topics because students get to sow seeds and observe the germination process day by day. Fall is a good time to do this especially with pumpkin seeds. I made this germination word wall, which has 19 words with pictures of bean and watermelon seeds and seedlings, at different stages of germination. This also includes names of things that are needed to grow a plant from a seed.
seed-to-plant-poster        Germination-Word-Wall-can-be-used-to-sequence-steps-in-Germination
Click here to see it at TpT. 

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