Saturday, 19 September 2020

Ladybug Classroom Theme Decor

A ladybug classroom theme incorporates the classic look of polka dots with a red, black, and white color scheme. Ladybug cut outs and spring flowers add to the cuteness of this theme.

Use a black polka dot classroom rug in your ladybug themed classroom. Also, polka dot adhiesive paper and polka dot shower curtains really transform the classroom space. Polka dots everywhere! Make sure that they are black and white or black and red. You'll also need lots of red and black bulletin board trims.

If you want to make a huge bulletin board with large ladybugs, the ladybug shaped pages of this ladybug notepad can each be laminated and cut out to create large ladybug cut outs that you can write on.



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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas

Don't you love making birthday bulletin boards in your cassroom? When each students sees his/her name on a special symbol for his/her birth month, that is a special moment. For students, they get to value their own birthday and birth month, and join in celebrating with the other students for everyone's birthday. This post may be about birthday bulletin boards but it's also for doors and walls. You can get editable printable birthday bulletin boards here in the form of interactive pictographs. The examples below can be found on Amazon.

Confetti Birthday Bulletin board. The scribble framed birthday bulletin board was created by merging scribble borderslabels, and letters


You can mix and match birthday cut-outs with birthday party decoations to create a unique display.

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Thursday, 10 September 2020

How to Make Trees for Classroom Bulletin Boards and Walls

Teachers are great at creating the most beautiful landscapes and backgroungs for bulletin boards and doors. Trees and other elements of nature help to make landscapes more realistic. There are many ways to create a classroom tree. This teacher used both the wall and ceiling to spread her tree in the picture above. This brown paper was used for the tree trunk and branches.

See more examples in the pictures below.

DIY Tree for classroom bulletin board
A faux leaf vine was used to make the leaves of this tree.

Use old cardboard boxes as material to make the tree foliage and trunk. The carboard was painted in green and in brown. I like that this has a three-dimensional effect.

Tree wall decals can instantly give your classroom wall a forested look.

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Friday, 4 September 2020

Rainbow Themed Classroom Decor and More

A rainbow classroom theme isn't just about having big rainbows everywhere but it is about using the assorted colors of the rainbow in most of your decor. Other sky elements can be added like clouds and hot air balloons.

You can paint each desk in a rainbow color and add sheer rainbow curtains.

This is very easy to make. A rainbow welcome classroom banner and the bulletin board has a matching rainbow border.

Use Colorful Paper Lanterns. Also, bright borders and tissue puffs really stand out against bulletin boards with a black background.

Hang hot air balloon paper lanterns in your rainbow themed classroom.

Hot air balloons and sky for a beautiful back to school bulletin board. There are lots of bulletin board backgrounds that look like a cloudy sky. The bright colors on this growth mindset bulletin board match the rainbow theme.

Sometimes less is more. This classroom is brightened with these bright work display boards and rainbow dot wall decals.

This teacher bought a rainbow chevron shower curtain and repurposed it to make this lovely window seat cover and mini curtain.

These rainbow shower curtains are used to section of areas this the classroom. They add so much color and brightness as well. 

See the rainbow pennant welcome banner at the top of this large bulletin board?

Amazing things happen here rainbow themed banner with matching posters.

Colorful classroom jobs with rainbow colors

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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Safari Classroom Decor and More

Wild about Learning! That's the main spirit of a Safari classroom. Lots of animal print decor and wild animals will be used in this theme. You can use animal print fabric to make your classroom dividers, backdrops, and seat covers. There are also lots of animal print classroom decor printables that you can use. I love this wild about reading safari bulletin board (above) with jungle leaves and animal print letter cut-outs. It's a bit like the African and tropical jungles come together.

Use this magnetic reward chart that is perfect for a wild animal theme.

This teacher made the bulletin board above displaying her students' incentive charts for reading.

Wild About Math Bulletin Boards. They both used these animal print papers.

Animal print themed printables:


Safari classroom Decor from Amazon:
These are social distancing decals with a wild animal twist.

I love this animal print border trim around the door and the vine garland at the top.


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