Saturday, 2 April 2016

States of Matter Worksheets

States of Matter Activities

States of Matter Worksheets, activities, definition cards and posters. The unit deals with the three States of Matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Definition posters are also included for light terms such as solid, liquid, gas, matter, freezing, melting, particles, evaporation, condensation, and collection. It also contains a sorting activity for sorting different pictures of objects as either solids, liquids, or gases. Answer keys are provided with the worksheets. It is available here from my TpT collection.

States of Matter glossary of terms states of matter review

States of Matter Worksheets review

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Earth Day Worksheets

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day worksheets: These are worksheets and activities for Earth day that you can do with your class. It is ideal for third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade students. The order of the pages start from the 3rd grade level, then increase in complexity to the 5th grade level. It has many literacy and science worksheets for Earth day. This booklet encourages lots of writing and presents it in a fun way. It also includes a bulletin board set with energy saving tips and an interactive notebook foldable for clean energy.

Earth Day Activities 3rd Grade Earth Day Worksheets 5rd Grade

Energy Saving Tips Earth Day Earth Day printables
Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Free Pi Day Activity - Proving Circumference

Pi Day Activities

Happy Pi Day! I made this free set for you to try out as a Pi Day activity. You students will be comparing the length of a circle’s diameter to its circumference (which will lead to the discovery of Pi and the circumference formula). It might sound complex but this activity makes it easier to these concepts because it allows for a concrete understanding if diameter, Pi and circumference. It is created for two different sizes of circles; for the 7cm diameter circle and for the 14cm diameter circle. All dimensions are in cm (metric) units. It also contains posters which show the many different ways of representing Pi. It's a free download that you can access right here from my Teachers pay Teachers collection.

Proving Circumference


Friday, 11 March 2016

Fraction Posters

Pizza Fractions

Fraction PostersFraction posters with pizza slices: circle fractions are conceptually the easiest types of fraction representation for students and students can relate to pizza. Each fraction poster shows the pizza fraction picture, fraction numeral, fraction word name and simple definition. This file also includes numberlines for different fraction families and pizza themed bulletin board accents to dress up your display area with the pizza theme. The posters themselves can be made into a matching activity by cutting apart the bottom sections and letting students match them to their respective fractions above. You can also print these out at six or nine posters per page and use them as flash cards or a memory game. This is available here in a 37 page PDF file from my TpT collection.

Fraction sorting   Fraction numberline

These posters can be used as a teaching tool for comparing and sorting different fractions according to: the grouping of unit fractions, fraction families, and the matching of equivalent fractions, fraction numberline placement, ascending and descending order, and by sorting any two fractions by greater than, less, than or equivalent.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Classroom Grocery Math


Hi check out our grocery corner! We have very limited classroom space so it had to be mounted on the back wall. I used my daughter's old Monopoly dollars and placed them into separately labelled Zip-lock bags at the base of the station. Real coins are on the right. 

First, I set up the store are area on the wall, if you have more classroom space and funding you can use actual goods like popular snacks or classroom stationery as the goods that will be for sale that is laid out on shelves. I appointed myself as the cashier and did a role play of a purchase with one of my students. After this I let other students come and 'buy' things from me (as the cashier) but I gave them enough dollars and cents to be able to pay with exact money. After some practice with this, we moved on to having them buy more than one items at a time. I gave them blank bill templates to list and add the price of their goods for themselves. The final stage was to let them buy things using a larger dollar value and letting them subtract their totals from the dollar amount that they were paying with to calculate the change. 
classroom-grocery-bill-template-example blank-shopping-bill-template-without-change Blank-shopping-bill-template-with-change

For each new concept, I did a role play, and had the templates ready and showed them how to write them up. Even though I did not use calculators (they are banned at my school) I would recommend using them because I think that the goal of the exercise it to understand the flow of the steps and not necessarily the skills that are taught for addition and subtraction (during that exercise). We had done a lot of addition and subtraction before moving on to this unit. We also studied dollars and cents and equivalences in money before to starting the store.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

St. Patrick's Day Activities

St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

St. Patrick's Day Activities and worksheets (no prep). I made this set of literacy activities that teach about the St. Patrick’s day history and customs. This printable booklet has lots of writing activities, games, word search and crossword puzzles, and worksheets. It also includes a math board game for division facts for the numbers 2 to 5, St. Patrick’s Day Bracelets, and answer keys for the worksheets and activities. The board game is in color and to be printed on card stock but the worksheets are in black and white to save you ink. Check out the pictures below and click on them to see more.

St. Patrick's Day Activities black and white St. Patrick's Day Math 2nd Grade

St. Patrick's Day Math Game Activity St. Patrick's Day bracelets

St. Patrick's Day Word Search printable St. Patrick's Day Printables 3rd grade

St. Patrick's Day words worksheets alphabetical order St. Patrick's Day third grade worksheets

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