Friday, 15 February 2019

Teacher Journals

Teacher Journals are taking up all of my time these days. I can't complain because I really am enjoying designing them! As an introvert, I love that so many people (and teachers) are joining the journaling movement. But then again, teachers have been journaling for a long time. We probably started it (wink). It is very therapeutic for us to reflect and get it all out so that we can learn, adapt, and become better at everything we do in the classroom.

Journaling can also be a part of your overall self-care regimen, not just as a teacher, but as a person. You may discover new ideas, feelings and life goals along the way.

These are reflective journals for freewriting. At the bottom of each page are motivating and inspiring teaching quotes that are all about rejuvenating your teaching spirit. These are hard goods so you can click on any picture so see these at Amazon. Each is 6" x 9".

These be an easy gift idea for a peer teacher at Teacher Appreciation Week!








I have to thank these clipart and font creators for making this possible:

More designs will be coming soon...

Sunday, 27 January 2019

How to Print a ruler to Scale in Metric or Inches

printable rulers to scale

I remember when I teaching about growth and my students needed to measure the circumference of each other's heads. I had to print a ruler to scale, so I made this template and printed it. I cut out the little decimeter rulers, and pasted them end to end on a sturdy strip of cardstock, to make a meter rule. If you need to print a ruler to scale, you'll need a ruler template and this printing tip: always select 'Print actual size' in the printing settings.  This template also has inch rulers which come in sets of half inch, quarter inch, one eighth inch, and one sixteenth inch increments.

My students each made their own meter rulers following my example. You can also use this template on TpT to make a printable meter ruler, 30 cm ruler, or printable inch ruler.

Friday, 4 January 2019

MLK Task Cards - Scoot

Martin Luther King Day worksheets are made fun in the form of these MLK scoot task cards. Scoot is a fun whole-class activity that is great for revision of a topic.  There are 20 questions in this set and an answer key is provided. There is also an answer sheet for students to record their answers. This is suitable for grades 3 to 5 and it is a pdf file that is available for purchase at my TpT collection. At a glance, the questions may seem difficult but I added a brief biography of Martin Luther King Jr. This has the answers to all the the questions in this MLK Day quiz set.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Free Compound Words - Posters

Free Compound Word Posters

I recently came across this picture from a few years ago when I was teaching third grade. I was teaching about compound words and found this amazing freebie on TpT. It's still a free download and it was created by Treetop Displays Teaching Resources - download it here from their store! I loved the visuals and the definition poster. Every page was created as a full page poster but to save on space, I think I printed most of them as 4 sheets per page. They can also be printed this way to be used as flash cards.

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Compound Word Word Wall

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Editable Subject Headers in Different Themes

Before your school year begins, while you're planning your classroom layout, you can label your wall space with subject headers. This can be where you want to display your students' work as the school term progresses. Subject headers can be a small as word cards or as big as full page posters, depending on how much space you have. For now, I am creating subject header word cards, the posters will be added soon. All of these are theme based with images a frames to match popular classroom themes. Click on any theme below to see more on Teachers pay Teachers. 




   Editable subject header cards back to school theme


If you are using a unique theme that you would like me to make for you, just type it in the comments and I will work on it for you.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Editable Classroom Rule Posters in Different Themes

Editable Classroom Rule Posters in Different Themes are now ready! These are bright editable posters that you can print out for your classroom walls or print smaller sizes to be used as flashcards. Your students will love the cute pictures on each poster and the rules are easy to read. I chose simple words with positive messages and made it a point to leave out the 'do not' rule starter. Think of these rules as gentle loving reminders for students to know all of the things that they should do, and how they are to do it. Many more themes are available in my TpT collection. See the full list below.

Editable back to school themed Classroom Rule Posters - printable 





Editable Checkered Classroom Rule Posters  Frog themed Classroom Rule Posters

Camping themed Classroom Rule Posters  


  Rock n Roll themed Classroom Rule Posters
 Editable Pirate themed Classroom Rule Posters         Rock n Roll themed Classroom Rule Posters

Editable Superhero Classroom Rule Posters  

Which classroom theme are you using this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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